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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Gifts for Her

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Hi there! It's that time of year again. Yep, you guessed it - holiday season! Every year, I get really pumped about how it's all super festive and how I can buy people really nice gifts and make them happy. Late-November/December has been the major highlight of my year ever since I started making some money, and this year is no different.

Since I'm so stoked about the holidays, like last year, I'll be doing my very best to inject some inspiration into your brain for when you're out shopping for gifts for your loved ones.

TeenVogue Handbook ($18.40)

I read the first one and as it says, it's an insider's guide so there is such great information in there if you're interested in being a part of the fashion industry.

Topshop Pig Onesie ($40)

I've recently fallen in love with onesies ever since I saw them hanging up along the walls at work. Since they're not meant to fit your body super well, I think that's it would be easy to get your friend one and not worry too much about sizing. It's the perfect gift if your friend is someone who doesn't take life too seriously and you have a bigger budget for her.

bareMinerals Up Close & Beautiful: Complexion Starter Kit ($26)

I randomly got into wearing makeup recently and as someone who's starting out with makeup, I think that this would be a really cool gift to receive. It has some of the basics and it's all natural ingredients as well! I've only heard good things about this, so I don't doubt that it will be fantastic.

ModCloth Pug iPhone Case ($15)

Since you always have your phone with you, it's nice to have a case that you actually like. If you have a dog lover to shop for, or anyone who you think might squeal at the sight of that adorable pug, maybe, just maybe, she'll like this.

Fresh Sugar Cravings Kissing Trio ($33)

Cold weather means dry lips, so if you live somewhere where it gets pretty cold around this time of the year, this would be perfect. Not only do these lip balms moisturise your lips, but they also provide a bit of colour, fitting for the dressier occasions of the holiday season. If you don't know anyone who would want all three of them, split them up and give one to each of your friends. It still looks like a pretty impressive gift, but you're still saving a bit of cash.

Kate Spade Sticky Notes ($16)

I feel like anything Kate Spade makes for lovely gifts. There's something so luxurious and girly about holding something Kate Spade that makes me kind of squeal (very quietly) in my head. It's like a cheaper version of a Chanel gift that pleases all. This is great for anyone in your life who's a stationery freak who likes to stay organised. Again, you could totally split these up amongst different people.

Nasty Gal You Go Pearl Ear Cuff ($11.35)

Jewellery makes for an awesome gift because it's not as fussy as clothes when it comes to sizes (unless you're dealing with rings, because, well, good luck). I picked something for an edgier girl who might not be into your standard earring at the moment, but might be craving something like an ear cuff. Out of all the ear cuffs that I've seen that are somewhat in my price range, this is definitely my favourite pair that I've seen ever.

The pearls also make it feel like such a nice and good quality gift, as well. Pearls tend to have that effect, I find, as it just makes everything seem more luxurious.

Topshop Iridescent Makeup Bag ($16)

This bag is just super pretty and if you have a bit more to spend for that special friend, you could fill it up with some (inexpensive) beauty products to add a bit to the gift.

ModCloth Myth Perfect Jewellery Holder ($60)

This is definitely more of a splurge item, but if you have room for it, it'd be a pretty darn cool one. Not only is it practical and incredibly useful for hanging jewellery, but it would be such a lovely decor piece for any dresser.

New Look Chocolate Bar Clutch ($28)

Everyone could always use a new clutch in their collection and why not add one in the shape of a chocolate bar to a special someone's this holiday season? It's a pretty good size and you could definitely fit a phone, some cash, and your keys in there for a night out.

Taylor Swift "1989" Deluxe Version ($16)

I apologise if you're getting sick of seeing Taylor Swift pop up all the time, but I truly do think this would make a lovely gift for any one of your girlfriends. Okay, maybe not for the one who swears that she hates Taylor, but you know what I mean. This is new album is just so good and while it is pop and it's not the insanely detailed and autobiographical lyrics from previous eras, it's still very Swift and still has the same effect. 

Gosh, and don't even get me started on its sound. Literal. Perfection.

So that's it for my gift ideas for her! If you're looking for more budget options for gifts for your friends and family, come back next week for my Secret Santa edition. If you're still looking for more ideas, I started a magazine at my school and we have a holiday gift guide in there, so go check it out!

What was your favourite gift idea? What will you be giving this Christmas? What is your favourite gift that you've ever received? Share your stories and leave a comment below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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