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9 Life Lessons I Learned from Mia Thermopolis

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Hi there! The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot is definitely one of my favourite book series of all time. Sure, it's not super deep or thoughtful litterature (it's a chick lit), but reading about Mia's hilarious misadventures and successes never fail to crack me up. For those of you who've seen the movie, which is completely different from the book, the humour is really similar, so if you enjoyed the movie, you'll probably enjoy the books, as well.

If you have no idea what The Princess Diaries is about, here's a synopsis from Meg's website:

Even though it's meant to be a light read, there are a TON of things I learned from the princess. Keep reading for a few life lessons!

1. take a chill pill

Mia has a tendency to overreact and over-think everything. It always come to bite her in the butt more often than not. Even though there are a lot of things you should take seriously, but there are a lot more things you just shouldn't take so close to heart.

2. listen to others (especially parents!)

Though she spent a good chunk of the series complaining about her grandmother, she did teach Mia many really important lessons. Those older than you have wise advice, so it doesn't hurt (too much) to hear them out every once in a while.

3. forgiveness is divine


Life is going to suck for you if you're living it an insecure ball of fury always holding grudges for the pettiest little things. Mia forgave Michael after realising that what he did wasn't so wrong and she wanted him back in her life more than to hold a grudge. The act of forgiveness shows a lot of maturity and it's always good to know when to let go of a grudge.

4. make new friends, but keep the old

We heart it

After her fallout with Lilly, Mia found a friend in Lana, someone she couldn't stand before. But in the end, despite their differences, Lilly was the one who looked out for Mia and made sure she didn't something she would eventually regret. It's always a good idea to be open to new friendships, but never forget your old ones.

5. treat people the way you'd like to be treated

Don't treat people like crap and don't be a crazy drama queen if you don't want people to do the same to you. It's just not cool.

6. weed out the toxic people in your life

Let's be honest here - J. P. was never a good idea. Someone who not only uses you, but your best friend as well isn't worthy of being in your life and causing you all this turmoil. Kuddos to Mia for figureing that out even if it was a bit late.

People like that will only stop you from becoming the best version of you, so every once in a while, just think about who's in your life and ask yourself if they're doing you any good. I'm not saying that you think of them as a bunch of items on a list, I'm just saying that it's a good idea to be aware of the good and the bad in your life.

7. if you need help, ask for it

In Princess Mia, her dad made her go to therapy and talk about her problems with Dr. Knutz (yes, you read that right. He's nuts. (; ) In the last two books of the series, you could really see how Mia matured and how she grew from all those therapy sessions and how she was able to just talk about things to make better sense of them. If you're having any problems in your life, talk about it. If you keep it in (been there, done that), one day, you're just going to explode.

8. sometimes, you just really need a makeover


In the first book, Mia underwent a huge makeover and pretty much everything in her life changed. If things are just getting old or boring for you, switch things up to avoid the boredom!

9. follow your heart and do what pleases YOU

At the end of the day, you are living for you. Not the person beside you, not your best friend, not your parents, YOU. Mia spent way too much time trying to make others happy that it ruined her own happiness. If you're not doing something that you really enjoy or love, just don't do it. And no, I'm not talking about homework.

Have you read The Princess Diaries? If so, what else have you learned from Mia? Leave your comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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