Thursday, November 28, 2013

Christmas Gift Shopping Tips

Hi there! December is oh-so rapidly approaching, and you know what that means - Christmas! Or the holiday season if you don't celebrate it.

It's gift-giving season and I'm someone who absolutely loves to go all out on gifts (within my budget, of course). Here are a few tips that I've found really helpful while holiday shopping for my friends and family and some suggestions in general that you might find of use.

I'm also giving away a $20 H&M gift card if anyone's interested!

1. Pay attention to what they're doing/saying.

Melody, a frequent commenter said it once, and I'll say it again. Make mental notes of what your loved one wants judging by their daily activities, what they say, how they're dressed, etc. If you manage to get them an awesome present WITHOUT asking them what they want, it would be pretty great if they end up loving it and will surely be impressed by your "super stealthy" skills. ;)

2. Make a shopping list and do some research prior to hitting the shops.

Everyone should most definitely make a list before actually going shopping. Include everyone that you have to buy for, then check online to see what kind of gifts you're thinking of getting them to establish your budget. If you need any help with what to get them...

3. Check out gift guides on blogs or YouTube.

Those two places are full of fabulous gift ideas that will surely inspire you to get at least ONE of your loved ones' gifts. I already have a DIY gift guide and what to buy her under $100 gift guide up, if anyone's interested.

4. Shop the sales.

Black Friday and Cyber Mondays are coming up, so if you're in the States or are in a country who wants their fair share of Black Friday deals, you should start your Christmas shopping then. Throughout the month, keep your eyes peeled for any sales at stores where you know you're going to want to buy some gifts just to save yourself a few extra bucks here and there. Don't forget to check and see if a store has a promotion of some sort before buying anything.

5. If all else fails, ask them what they want.

Sure, it'll ruin the surprise and some of the fun, but it surely won't be so fun if you get something that you're really, really not sure they'll like and they have to put a fake smile on and pretend they like it. Just ask them what they want for Christmas and get them that. Or, something I like to do is instead of looking WAY too deeply into the little daily things, I take inspiration from their answer and get something similar to what they asked for and what they did ask for to make like easier for the both of us.

6. It's the thought that counts.

At the end of the day, it's really what you put into the gift that matters. Don't get caught up in it all and forget the reason why you're getting that person a gift. Don't be discouraged by a smaller price tag or anything like that, either. That being said, if someone gets you a $100 gift, they're not going to be all too pleased if all you got them was a $5 gift card to Starbucks. It just doesn't work that way.

Which tip did you find the most useful? What other tips do you have? Do you celebrate Christmas? If not, which holidays do you celebrate? When do you start your gift shopping? Leave your comments below!

Thanks for reading!
- J

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