Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How To: Be Unique With Your Everyday Wear

How To Be Unique

A few weeks ago, I got a request from my good friend, Brenda, to do write a post on how to be unique with your everyday wear, so here it is - enjoy!
  1. I think this goes without saying, but don't buy those really mainstream pieces of clothing.  Of course, there are ways to make those look unique, but if you're looking for a quick and easy way to make your outfits unique, steer clear from those items.
  2. DIY!!!  I absolutely love DIY-ing my clothes, literally making it a one-of-a-kind item that only I own.  Adding those little details to a plain shirt or anything can really make a huge difference in an outfit.  
  3. Check out your local thrift shops - they usually have some really unique (for lack of a better word) clothes that you can't find anywhere else.  This tip goes with the previous one because I find that the stuff you find at thrift shops need to be altered somehow or added to just to add some interest to the item.
  4. Put some effort into what you wear everyday - I think that this is pretty obvious, but if you want to stand out in a crowd, you can't just roll out of bed and expect it to happen.  I mean, if you do that literally, you'll definitely stand out in your pajamas at school or whatever, but jokes aside, take some time to think about what you're going to wear that day.

Personally, I find that the Aeropostale hoodie is that really mainstream item that almost everyone owns.  Since it's so mainstream and common, I thought it'd be cool to put together three unique (once again, in my opinion) outfits.

How to Be Unique

This is spin on your standard hoodie, t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers combination that I find a lot of people gravitate towards when styling these hoodies.  To change it up a bit, I decided to pair it with a loose white blouse tucked into a boyfriend-style jean.  Be sure to cuff the jeans to add to that relaxed feel.  I couldn't decide between sneakers or flats, so I included both.

1.  Forever 21 Chain Link Necklace
2.  Aeropostale Red Hoodie
3.  H&M White Blouse
4.  American Eagle Studded Skinny Crop Jeans
5.  Chuck Taylor Stars Sneakers
6.  Forever 21 Striped Cap Toe Ballet Flats

How to Be Unique #2

I think an unexpected way (that is getting a bit more popular now) to wear a hoodie is with a skirt or a dress.  For this hoodie, I would unzip the top part to have the pretty lace cami peeking out from the top.  This outfit is just really girly and would be perfect for school.

1.  dELiA's Union Jack Necklace
2.  Aerospotale Half-Zip Hoodie
3.  TopShop Heart and Rhinestone Stud Earrings
4.  Aerie Lace Cami
5.  Forever 21 Lace Socks
6.  TopShop Denim Skater Skirt
7.  Lulu's Tan and Silver Oxfords

How To Be Unique

I centered this whole outfit around the hoodie and the Jelly shoes, which are adorable if I do say so myself.  Going with the all white trend, I paired them with a white dress, but a crochet one to add a bit of texture to the outfit.  The smooth, gold accessories just add some much needed "colour" and life to the outfit.

1.  Aeropostale White Hoodie
2.  Wetseal Crochet Chiffon Skater Dress
3.  Forever 21 Pyramind Stud Waist Belt
4.  H&M Hair Elastic/Clip
5.  TopShop Jelly Gladiator Sandals

I hope that you enjoyed this and let me know down below which outfit was your favourite!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it. :)

      - Juliana

  2. Great post. I agree with you, to be unique is important in our everyday wear. :) My favourite outfit is the the second, it's sporty and chic.
    I like this blog, so I follow you on twitter. And why 'Coco and Picasso' your blog's name? They're your favourites? :)

    1. Hi Kinga!

      Thank you so much for the follow! My blog's name is Coco and Picasso because they were the first fashion designers and artists that I've ever heard of. Also, my biggest interests are fashion and art, so I wanted to incorporate that into my blog's name. Thanks for asking!

      - J

  3. Thank you! That's really inspirational!



    1. I'm so happy that you found this inspirational - thank you so much!

      - Juliana

  4. Thank you Juliana for the post. :)) The thing is, I go to a uniformed school...

    1. Oh, right. Well, I guess all that I can tell you to do is to keep your eyes peeled for a post on how to spice up your school uniform. :) Hopefully that will help a bit more than this probably did.

      - Juliana