Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Funday: Oh How I Adore My Weekends


It's been quite a crazy week.  Thinking back on it, it's kind of hard to list them all, but I'll try my best to include my highlights of the week.  If you're interested, follow the jump and keep on reading!

1.  TV!


First off, TV.  My all-time favourite show, Castle just ended this week and let me just say - ohmygosh.  It was quite an intense ride of an episode for Caskett's (Castle and Beckett's) relationship.  If you haven't seen the season finale yet and don't want the ending to be spoiled for you, consider this a spoiler alert.  But if you don't mind, Castle proposed.  !!!  Absolutely crazy.

The other show that is now starting its summer hiatus is the Vampire Diaries.  I've loved this show since fifth grade, which now that I'm thinking about it, wasn't a very appropriate show for an eleven-year old.  The show itself isn't actually that good when it comes to the plot, but I just love the characters so much.

The finale was really... weird and heartbreaking, to be completely honest.  My favourite scenes were definitely the ones with Lexi because she's just freaking amazing (too bad she's technically dead), especially when she's just being her usual, sassy self that brings out a side to Stefan that you wouldn't see otherwise, not even with Elena.

All in all, the season finale was definitely an emotional roller coaster   I didn't love it, but I'd definitely recommend it.  Like Julie Plec, the writer, I believe, said, this episode acts almost like a season finale.  Most of the loose ends were tied (like the ever so popular love triangle), but I think that (spoiler alert!) Stefan dies or something.  Like I said, it's weird.

2.  Sketching

You probably could tell from my blog name that I love art quite a bit, or maybe that's just me.  I recently bought a new sketchbook and I've been in love with it ever since.  I'll definitely take some pictures of some of my sketches for my Sketchbook Friday column if you guys are interested.

3.  Links à la Mode

After a really bad Thursday, I checked my Bloglovin feed and found quite a nice surprise that pretty much made my day.  For the second time, I was included in IFB's Links à la Mode which is so cool because it's one of my favourite blogs and it's such an honour.  You can check out the post announcing it here, or the post that got picked here if you're interested.

4.  Avril Lavigne and Others

This week, I discovered the song "Here's to Never Growing Up" by Avril Lavigne and though the lyrics aren't all that clean, I'm completely obsessed with it.  It's such a fun song to just get up and dance to and it's catchy enough to make me forget all about my problems, which is really, really nice.

X-Factor is one of my favourite reality-style TV shows and after Season 2 ended, I kind of forgot all about the contestants except for Carly Rose.  But this week, I stumbled upon Fifth Harmony's cover of Mirror by Justin Timberlake, which was a collaboration with Boyce Avenue and was just blown away.  It was absolutely amazing and I've been listening to it and Avril Lavigne on repeat all week.

5.  Just to get you thinking...

My middle school graduation is creeping up on me and though it is "just" middle school, it's really making me think about the rest of my life and how everything's going to change so soon.  By so soon, I mean like four to five years, but it's still pretty overwhelming.  I never got to appreciate my childhood and I'm finally starting to miss it.  Fabulous.

How was your week?  What shows have you been loving?  Let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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  1. Love this! I'm also having a lazy Sunday and I'm a bit checking around on the Internet. Discovering other bloggers and listening to music and watching TV! Gosh I love the weekend!

    TFD | The Fashion District

    1. Your Sunday sounds heavenly - that's my favourite way to spend Sundays. I'm glad that you're enjoying yours. :)

      - Juliana