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11 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day


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Mother's Day is coming up and I'm lucky enough to still have mine (I love you, Momma).  I forget to thank my mom for all she has done for me throughout the years and I usually think of Mother's Day as the perfect occasion to do so.  It's also really important that you treat everyone who has helped you in anyway, helped made you who you are today and who you will become, this is just going to be a few gift ideas for all the women you have to thank in your life.



Perfumes are something that I feel completes any outfit that you might be wearing - it leaves something people can remember you by.  Though scents are a bit particular, if you know a perfume that your mom or loved one has been eyeing for a while, I think that they would really love it.  These are just a few suggestions.


I know that my mom is a big fan of candles, especially the scented Bath and Body Works Candles.  The only reason why she doesn't burn them often is because my dad is super paranoid that she'll burn down the house.  I think that candles are a really nice addition to a bigger gift that you might be planning for you mom.  These are all Bath and Body Works Candles, but there are many stores that sell candles that would work like Anthropologie and Candles by Victoria, which is an online store.

Notebooks and Planners

Thinking about it, I don't think my mom has any kind of planner or notebook to jot some notes down and stay organised.  I think my mom would appreciate something like this and maybe your mom will too.

1.  Moleskine Classic Pocket Ruled Notebook
2.  Etsy Faux Leather Journal
3.  Chapters Today is Day One Planner


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Jewellery is another thing that you should only get your loved one if they aren't very picky when it comes to it.  Every person's preferences when it comes to jewellery is very different, so that's why I didn't include any suggestions.


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Once again, this is yet another product that you'd have to be careful buying for your mom because it's a hit-or-miss gift unless she specifically said that she wanted a particular product.  Be sure to read a lot of reviews and do a bunch of research before purchasing the product if it's new before you get it for your mom.  Make sure to keep in mind her skin type and such, not yours.


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The only reason why I would get my mom, or anyone a piece of clothing as a gift is if I went shopping with them and they tried that piece of clothing on and liked it.  Of course, if your loved one is (somehow) the same size as you, it would be fine if you know their taste like the back of your hand.  I wouldn't suggest getting your loved one shoes because they vary so much and it would be so hard to get that perfect pair for her.


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I personally wouldn't get my mom flowers because I just get really sad when flowers die.  Since we live together (I'm a teenager), I would get sad watching them die.  But I know that a lot of people really enjoy getting flowers, so if your loved one is one of those people, this could be a good, inexpensive gift option.


This is a gift idea for anyone with deeper pockets.  I know that my mom's a huge fan of the oversized, menswear-inspired watch trend, so if I did have a bit more money to spend, I'd definitely get her one because I've kind of been "borrowing" her watch for a while now.

1.  Michael Kors Oversized Rose Golden Watch 
2.  Marc Jacobs Henry Dinky Watch
3.  Fossil Delaney Three Hand Leather Watch
4.  Vintage Citizen Mother of Pearl Watch



If your mom's a fan of books...  And just for your information, any Nicholas Sparks book would do.

1.  Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Mom by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Wendy Walker, and Joan Lunden
2.  Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
3.  The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks


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This is a great gift option unless your mom's on a diet (minus the tea).

This photo was taken from the May 2011 issue of CardMaker's magazine.

This is something that I think should be an addition to any gift that you might be giving your loved one.  I think that this card is absolutely adorable, so I'll be doing a tutorial on the card later this week if you're interested in making a card for your mom.  I prefer making cards to buying them because to me, it's so much more personal, even if it might take an hour (or many more) to make.

That concludes my little Mother's Day Gift Guide!  I hope that you enjoyed this and that it helped you out if you were stuck on what to get for your mom or loved one.  This might be a bit hypocritical, but just remember that simple, helpful gestures that will stay (most likely) in your mom's heart (sorry for being cliché...) at the end of the day.

Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments what you're getting your mom.
- J
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