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Fashion Star Finale: The Winner is Revealed!

(From left to right: Hunter, Cassandra, and Daniel)

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To be honest, when I first turned on the TV to watch Fashion Star last night, I didn't really have a favourite designer or someone I was "hardcore" rooting for.  I really understand Daniel's vision and what he stands for.  I've always loved Hunter's designs, even the super safe ones.  And Cassandra, well, she's Canadian and awesome.

Last night, the three competed to win a $3 million contract to have their capsule collections in Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Express.  It's the biggest prize on a fashion show out there.  The "challenge" was to create three head-to-toe looks for each of the three retailers and the buyers would decide after seeing all the collections who the next Fashion Star will be.

Daniel, Daniel, Daniel.   I've always loved him and after seeing his collections last night, I loved him even more.  Every design he sent down the runway was something that I was ohmyGod-ing about and when the last Saks dress went down the runway, I died - it was gorgeous.  It reminded me a lot of the dress that Taylor Swift wore hosting the Grammy Nominations in Nashville last year.  I admit that there were standout pieces in each of his three collections and aside from those pieces, they were a bit lackluster, but I still adored the clothes.

Daniel Fashion Star Finale
In love with this whole ensemble, especially the top.

Daniel Fashion Star Finale
Those shorts!

Daniel Fashion Star Finale
Such a fresh, white look

Daniel Fashion Star Finale
The gorgeous Saks lace dress

After seeing his capsule collections, I was definitely sold - he had to win.


Cassandra Fashion Star Finale

For Cassandra, I found that her designs were really hit-and-miss even though the buyers seemed to be be pleased.  There were some outfits, like the Express pieces that were just a bit too much for me.

There were some gorgeous pieces as well, but I have mixed feelings about her designs.  Some of the standout looks (to me, at least) are down below.

Her Macy's look

Her Saks look - my favourite out of all nine looks from her.


I had the same feelings about Hunter's designs as I did with Cassandra's.  I really liked some of the pieces, especially the red collared dress and the shorts, but some of the pieces were a bit... eh.  They were definitely consistent which is essential when designing a collection, but I wasn't head-over-heels in love with the pieces like I was with Daniel's collections.

 Definitely my favourite look from her - I'm obsessed with the top and shorts.

Adorable red peplum dress for Macy's.

Such a classic, red dress for Saks.

After seeing all of the nine collections from the three designers, I felt like they were all pretty equal and that it was anybody's game.  They were each strong in their own way, so I was on the edge of my seat, waiting to see who would be crowned the next Fashion Star!  (Yes, it does sound kind of lame, but I love the show anyway.)

After an annoying commercial break, *cue the dramatic music and lighting* it was time to announce the winner.  Well, technically, it was time to announce who wasn't the winner, but you caught my drift.  Maybe.  

Anyway, if you are planning on watching this episode yourself, this is where I'm going to put my little spoiler alert.  So close this window asap if you don't want the season finale to be ruined for you.

Unfortunately, my favourite designer, Daniel, was sent home, which made me really sad but at the same time, I knew it was coming.  It was really hard for him to turn his really artistic and creative designs into something sellable and commercial.

Now (technically last night, but whatever), it was done to Hunter and Cassandra.  By then, it was pretty obvious - at least to me - who was going to win.  And I was right.  All three of the buyers' little screen things flashed and Hunter's name appeared.  Though she wasn't my favourite, I'm happy that she won and am really excited to see her clothes in Macy's, Saks, and Express.  Who knows, maybe I'll even use one of her pieces in my outfit inspiration collages sometime.

Fashion Star Season 2 Finale

Who was your favourite designer and your favourite pieces?  I'd love to know your thoughts on the matter.  Are you a fan of the show?  Should it stick around until next year?  Leave me a comment down below and thanks for reading!
- J

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