Thursday, May 16, 2013

What to Where: Victoria Day Weekend

Victoria Day Outfits

Since I live in Canada, this upcoming weekend marks the Victoria Day long weekend.  It's honestly just another excuse not to go to school and get a day off, which I'm really happy about because I can just blog all day.

Even if you're not celebrating Victoria Day in any way (I'm not), here are a few outfits to inspire your weekend wardrobe.  Enjoy!

Victoria Day Weekend Outfits

I have a soft spot for those vintage-looking graphic tees, especially ones with comic book-related or superheroes on them.  I'm just weird like that.  Anyway, I would tuck the shirt into some high-waisted denim shorts and print Converse to add to the whole playful vibe of the outfit.

1.  Forever 21 X-Men Tee
2.  Wet Seal Floral Embossed Belt
3.  MOTO High Waisted Denim Shorts
4.  Converse Chuck Taylor Star Sneakers
5.  American Apparel Martine Sunglasses
6.  ModCloth Shear Style Earrings

Victoria Day Weekend Outfits

This next outfit is for those of you who don't mind showing a bit of skin.  I fell in love with this crop top sweater-like thing the moment I saw it, so naturally, I decided to include it in the outfit.  To cover up a bit, I went with some high-waisted denim shorts and added some lilac jelly shoes and statement jewellery to finish it off.

1.  TopShop Knit Fluffy Crop Top
2.  TopShop (again, sorry!) High Waisted Hotpants
3.  Nasty Gal Emma Jelly Sandal
4.  ASOS Rose Necklace
5.  Orient Metal Men's Watch
6.  Forever 21 Quilted Neon Crossbody

Victoria Day Weekend Outfits

I was just scrolling around on ModCloth one day and I saw this beautiful galaxy print skirt and I fell in love with it immediately.  I really wanted to include it in my galaxy posts, but it was out of stock and I figured that I should only use items that you guys could actually buy.  But now that it's back in stock, I have no excuse not to use it.  I would tuck the H&M tank in the skirt and throw on the chambray top (unbuttoned, of course) and tied in a knot in the front.  I added the floral combat boots because I thought that they added a little something to the outfit, but since they are a bit pricey, you could just pair it with the standard black or brown pair.

1.  Urban Outftters Metal Bar Aviators
2.  Madewell Dotted Chambray Shirt
3.  Forever 21 Etched Triangle Earrings
4.  Nasty Gal Tough Spike Ring
5.  ModCloth Supernova Twirl Skirt
6.  H&M Tank Top
7.  Steve Madden Blomm Floral Combat Boots

I hope that you enjoyed this!  Which outfit was your favourite?  Any plans for the Victoria Day weekend?  Leave me a comment letting me know!
- J

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