Thursday, January 2, 2014

Haul: Boxing Day | H&M and Victoria's Secret PINK

Hi there! Last year, oh gosh, it feels so weird saying that now because it feels like it’s just the beginning of 2014, anyway, I went Boxing Day shopping, just like every single year. This year, instead of going to the outlets, we went to the local mall and shopped our little hearts out at H&M.

Since its arrival at the mall, it’s been a popular shopping destination for us. What made it even better was the deal that was going on: buy one sale item, get the other free. Also, the first 300 customers had the chance to win up to $300, but we missed that, unfortunately. When we went, it was really dark outside, like it was just dawn, not seven in the morning, so I was pretty surprised by how packed the store was at the time of day. I guess that’s what shopping does to all of us. Keep reading to see what I got!

As you might’ve already seen in last week’s Style Diary, I got this absolutely amazing fuzzy blue sweater that happens to be pretty long as well, so I can wear it with leggings. At first, I thought it was going to be itchy, but when I touched it, oh my gosh, it was a match made in heaven.

I also got this gorgeous structured jacket that was intended for my grandma, but it didn’t fit her and there was a no-exchange and no-refund policy on these items, so I got to keep it. I really don’t know how I’m going to wear it because it makes me look like I’m a lot older than I am and it’s way too formal for any occasion that I would have to go to, but I’m going to figure out a way to do so (sooner or later).

I have a thing for leather jackets and I also have a thing for varsity jackets. I own a bunch of leather ones, but have never gotten a varsity one before, so when I saw that this burgundy (but closer to plum) one with a faint leopard print and faux leather sleeves on sale, I immediately grabbed it. I’m obsessed.

Do any of you remember what Taylor Swift wore to the Roberto Cavalli show back then? Well, I do and this sheer lace blouse reminded me of what she wore, so I got that, as well.

I seem to be going through a mini growth spurt of some sort because suddenly my jeans don’t fit properly and when I poke my side, it’s bone, not fat, so I don’t think it’s because of my diet or exercise habits. Hopefully. But it might also have to do with how most of my jeans are kids’ jeans, but let’s keep that a secret between us.

Because I needed new jeans, I got two pairs: a black one and a blue one. Yeah, I kind of love them. Unfortunately, they're both in the wash right now, so I can't exactly show you...

The last thing I got from H&M was this Burberry-esque scarf. Well, at least it reminded me of Burberry, but thank goodness it’s not a full-on copycat. If you see this scarf at your H&M and it’s on sale, GET IT because it’s so ridiculously soft and can double as a blanket if you’re cold. Just like the Burberry ones...

Since it’s really cold outside now, it’s hard to not freeze on my way to the gym, so I finally got myself some yoga pants. Yes, they’re a bit… in-your-face, but they were the cheapest ones at Victoria’s Secret PINK and they’re pretty, so I got them. One thing though – they are so freaking long. Or am I just short? I might just have to admit that it’s the latter. Humph.

I also got some canvases, but that’s just a bit boring and weird to show on Style Generis, right? Aw well, who cares, I got two canvases from Michael’s. One of them is for a painting I want to do for my room and the other’s for my parents’ anniversary gift. Let’s hope that these work out.

Did you go Boxing Day shopping? If so, what’d you get? Even if there isn’t Boxing Day where you live, did you pick up anything in the post-Christmas sales? Leave your comments below!

Thanks for reading!
- J


  1. I can feel the warmth and "fuzziness" just looking at the pictures!

    1. If you can feel that fuzziness just looking at the pictures, imagine how it would feel in real life... (Hint: 10x more awesome, I actually feel like the Cookie Monster in it, which is a good thing.) - J

  2. That sheer lace peplum blouse is beautiful. I love the colourful print/weave of the H&M top in the fourth and fifth photos. Those Victoria's Secret PINK yoga pants look super-comfy. Now that it's Spring and the weather is gorgeous the shopping at Victoria's Secret is looking even more attractive. I just came home with a shopping haul from ther and blogged about it.

    1. I'm pretty in love with everything I got, to be completely honest. :P I'm so happy that it's spring now because pretty much everything in the stores just draws you in, you know? - J

  3. I like the jumper.