Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Want Her Closet: Emma Watson

Hi there! We knew her as Hermione Granger for ten years, but something I learned is that aside from her wild curly hair and acting chops on the silver screen for Harry Potter, Emma Watson also has a wicked sense of style. She is certainly not scared to try something different, which proves especially true when she chopped off her locks when the franchise came to a close. Keep reading for a few of my favourite street style and red carpet looks from Emma!

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I'm so in love with this outfit, I mean, who would've thought (and pulled off) wearing track pants with a blazer, right? She's wearing a denim blazer with a white and red striped top, track pants, and nude oxfords. It sounds so completely random, but she made it look so effortless and clean, kind of Parisian, in a way. This would be an amazing outfit especially for the spring or fall time, or anytime of the year if it's not cold where you are.


It’s so amazing to see celebrities step out of the “typical” celebrity box. For example, a “typical” celebrity way to style that sweater would be to wear it with jeans, so it’s always nice to see it get switched up, in this case, with a flowy white maxi skirt. If you recognise this sweater, it’s probably because you’ve seen it before on ModCloth. It’s cool to think you could own the same sweater as her for just $42.99.

Pants are a rare thing to see on women on red carpets. It's so much easier to throw on a dress and heels than to pick separates that go well together. Emma wore this ensemble to the This Is the End premiere last summer and needless to say, she looked amazing! The peplum top added something extra to the outfit and gave some shape that it would've lacked otherwise. She just looks so tall and confident, which is one of the things I admire most in people. The confidence part, not their height.

My favourite outfit that she wore off all time has to be the gorgeous gown by Bottega Veneta she wore to the Deathly Hollow: Part II premiere in New York. It's so edgy and such an appropriate choice for the night. She was meant to be the belle of the ball, and she certainly was.

What do you think of Emma's style? Which outfit was your favourite? Which outfits would you like to see recreated in next week's "Looks for Less"? Feel free to suggest any outfit that she has ever worn and leave your comments below!

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