Saturday, January 4, 2014

7 Quick Tips for Organising Your Agenda

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Hi there! As you’ve heard me say before, an agenda is essential in anyone’s life, whether or not you’re a student or not. Those of you who are students, however, have probably just finished your first week of school from the break and you might want to get yourselves organised.

Remember those agendas that the school always gave us? Well, they were the start of my obsession with agendas started early and I’ve been using them ever since. I picked up quite a few tricks here and there to make sure that I make the most out of my agenda, and now, I can help you with yours. Only if you want it, of course.

  • Write important dates on your calendar. School things such as due dates and tests should be noted on the monthly calendar as well as things in your social life like dances or hanging out with friends, etc. If you have an after-school extracurricular that isn’t daily, add that in as well.
  • Divide the box. Designate each section of each date in your calendar to one specific area of your life, such as school, work, social, extracurriculars, etc. It’ll be much easier for you to look at if they’re all organised.
  • Highlight. Use a highlighter to highlight really, really, important events on your calendar. In the day-by-day section of your agenda, you might want to highlight the really important things you have to get done that day or that week.
  • Colour code. Have one colour for each area of your life. This is something I always forget to do because when I’m in a rush, the colour of my pen isn’t nearly as important as getting the information down. If you’re one of those people, stick to around 3-4 colours or use a highlighter to differentiate between your tasks and use a star to indicate the important tasks.
  • Write it as a to-do list. In the day-by-day section, have a small space to write the day’s important events and for the rest of the space, write all the things you have to do with a little box beside it. Check things off as you get them done throughout the day, it’ll make you feel really accomplished.
  • Have little Post-Its to bookmark your calendar and your day-by-day. It’s a little trick to keep you from looking for either of those pages every time you open your agenda.
  • Use Post-Its when you run out of room. It might be tempting to just stop writing things down when you need to, but it’s not a good idea, so continue your list on a sticky note. You could also write other kind of lists, like if it was December, a Christmas shopping list on that Post-It.
Do you use an agenda? Is it a big part of your life? How do you like to organise yours? Leave your comments below!

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  1. Hey JuJube, thanks for this post. It's really essential and beneficial for me to learn new techniques to organize my agenda ( especially since we have enter EXAM MONTH) *dies inside* As always, you're a life saver! <3 -bt

    1. No problem. :) Glad I could help. Ah, and good luck with your exams (I'll need that luck, too, aha)! - J