Friday, January 24, 2014

Style Diary: It's Comfy Week

Hi there! Long time no see. Or is it talk? Anyway, I feel like I've been gone for way too long, but I've been working extra hard to finish up project and cram information in my head in time for my first ever week of exams. It's been kind of a hectic week. Just a bit.

Because of the craziness of exam prep, my school decided to have it be Comfy Week, meaning that we could show up in pajamas, sweats, leggings, etc. all week and it would be perfectly acceptable. One of those days, I decided to show up in a little something like this.

Sweater: Old Navy | Pants: Vietnam | Necklace: Vietnam

I didn't want to be completely sloppy/comfy, so I went for my favourite pair of flowy pants (though I've been told recently that they're actually called genie pants) instead of pj's and my favourite sweater of all time. It's like the most comfortable thing.

Unfortunately, after the warmer weather last week (it actually went to a bit above zero degrees at one point for like an hour), it dipped again and went way, way below zero. My town and the surrounding areas are like freezing and hibernating inside our sometimes-warm homes, hence the indoor setting. Yeha, Canada's not getting its spring anytime soon.

How have you been staying comfy this week? Do you have any exams coming up, too? Or are you already done yours? Share your stories below!

Thanks for reading!
- J

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