Sunday, December 29, 2013

Style Diary: A New Kind of Entry

Hi there! I don’t usually post these on Sundays, but sometimes, there are just too many things to do that there really is no room in one’s schedule to add “sneak off and take photos of self for blog.”

I’m sure I’ve mentioned/complained (depends on how you see it) about the cold where I am numerous times, so I promise you, today will be the last. For this year, at least.

Because it’s so cold, it’s not really possible for me to go outside in -25 temperatures without my protective outer layer, aka my winter jacket, on. I’d get sick almost instantly, which would not be good.

I thought about temporarily retiring the series for a while, but later thought better of it. Instead, as a compromise, I’ll still continue with theses posts, but I’ll just take the photos inside when there’s decent lighting. So let’s see how that worked out.

Sweater: H&M | Leggings: LaSenza Girl | Necklace: Vintage | Rings: DIY| Socks: Chinese Laundry

The day of after Christmas was Boxing Day for me, so my whole family went shopping. This year, my dad dropped my mom and me off at H&M bright and early, well, dark and early in the morning and we got some pretty amazing deals. The full in-depth haul will be up some time this week.

I swear, everyone in my family thinks I’m crazy for loving this sweater, but I just can’t help it. It’s so freaking comfortable, you have no idea. I picked up this super soft fuzzy blue sweater from H&M (obviously) and my parents have joked about it being their new rag. No joke. It’s one of the cosiest things I’ve ever put on and I love it.

To balance out the huge sweater, I went for some leggings and cozy socks that are just perfect for curling up on the couch with my laptop, like I’m doing right there. I added some sparkle to make it worthy of being blogged about in the form of a statement necklace that I got from the vintageclothing show I talked about a while back and peacock earrings. Pretty comfortable, I’d say.

Is Boxing Day a thing where you are? How do you usually like to spend the 26th? What’s the softest, most comfortable sweater you own? Leave your comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J


  1. Oh, I love that sweater, it will probably makes you feel comfortable and warm in the winter.

    1. It's awesome, isn't it? ;) And it IS super comfortable, but I'm not sure how warm it'll keep me, aha. I guess we'll see.

      - Juliana