Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Haul: Black Friday 2013

Hi there! It's been tradition for my family for several years now, so last Thursday night, we headed over to the States to do a bit of Black Friday shopping! We didn't go crazy, but I thought it'd be cool to show you the few things I got. I also did a bit of shopping back in Canada with my mom and best friend, so there are a few items from there as well.

Now, let's see what's in this bag...

Sorry to disappoint, but the first item is actually a jacket that wouldn't have fit in the bag. One of our first stops was Columbia because we were all in need of new winter jackets and we actually all got one. I had a puffier one from a few years ago and it was too big on me, so I wanted something that I could wear to school and still kept me warm. The jacket's belt is a bit awkward, so I still have to get it shortened just a bit to make it look better.

I was in need of a plain, loose-fitting white t-shirt, so I went to my favourite basics store: Old Navy! I ended up getting TWO because they were just a bit under $5 each, one for a DIY and one just 'cause. 

This circle scarf is actually something I got back in Canada and I've been looking for one for such a long time. This one's from Jacob and it was 40% off, so my mom was like, "Why not?" So I got it.

When I walked into Loft, I was immediately drawn to this gorgeous multi-coloured tweed skirt. It was like love at first sight. I loved it even more when I realised that the whole store was 50% off because there was no way I was going to pay $50 for it.

I know this can easily look a bit old and grandma-ish if that classic vibe is played up, but I've been experimenting with it and trying to figure out how to make it look a bit more youthful.

Since I've been into working out more lately, I decided that it'd be a good time to get some shorts because the ones I wear now do NOT look very nice. I got this pair from Under Armour for like $10 because it was one discount on top of another, which made me a very happy camper. Or should I say, shopper?

The last thing I got was the Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume gift set. I've been eyeing this for a really long time, but it's so expensive in Canada, so I decided to wait. 

I got a bunch of other things when I got back to Canada (like the giveaway prize!), but they're mostly gifts for my friends, so I can't really put them here because I know that at least one of the people I'm giving those gifts to is going to be reading this.

The things that I CAN show, however, are what I'm getting for my parents. My mom, brother, and I pooled in our money and got my dad beats earbuds that he has been wanting for ages, but has never gotten for himself.

As for my mom, I've learned over the years that she likes the little, thoughtful gifts, so I decided to get her "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin. I've heard great reviews from a friend and here and there, so I thought it was something she'd enjoy. 

And that concludes my little Black Friday haul! Did you go Black Friday shopping? Or are you more of a Cyber Monday person? If you went shopping, any notable purchases? Leave your comments below!

Thanks for reading!
- J


  1. How much does it cost for your wonderstuck enchanted gift set?

  2. i like your scarf.