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Christmas Gift Guide: Fashion Lovers

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Hi there! Today, I have for you a gift guide for all the fashion lovers in your life. If you're going into this post thinking that there'll be lots of clothes, that is one thing this gift guide will not include. That might seem a bit odd to you, but I find that the people who love fashion are also really picky about what they wear (I'm guilty!), so save yourself and your loved one the grief of faking their excitement over your clothing by just not getting them clothes.

However, here are a few ideas for every price point for what to get them instead. There are items under $!5, $40, and some more luxurious items that are more expensive. And no, all the items under $15 aren't $14.99 and the same goes for the other categories (I just hate it when gift guides are like that!) They're all items that I'd love to get myself because I am just a teensy bit obsessed with fashion. Just a bit.

I also put up a gift guide for DIY-ers this morning, so check that out if you need to get some crafty people some gifts.

Under $15

CGG: Fashion Lovers: Under $15

  1. Fashion 2.0: Blogging Your Way to the Front Row by Yuli Ziv ($11.69) - A friend of mine gave me this for my birthday and though I haven't gotten through it all yet, there are so many useful tips that I know that I - and many others - will be able to learn from. If you have a friend who's a fashion blogger or is thinking of starting a blog, this is an awesome gift.
  2. Kate Spade Emma Spiral Notebook ($14) - I'm always finding myself jotting down notes here and there, so having a really cute notebook to do it will surely be useful.
  3. Magazines ($2.99-14.99) - I'm someone who absolutely adores magazines, but if I subscribed to all the magazines I wanted to, I'd be broke. I love getting magazines as gifts and I'd recommend, Lone Wolf, or Teen Vogue.
  4. Etsy What Would Blair Waldorf Do Pencils ($8) - These pencils are quite expensive for what they are, but these would be a really sweet little DIY to give as a gift.
  5. Kohl's Tartan Scarves (red, brown) ($8.99) - Tartan is all the rage right now and even after this craze has died down, a nice tartan scarf is going to be a staple in anyone's closet. If you want to go for a more luxurious feeling one, check out this one.
  6. Gift cards - It might seem like a thoughtless gift, but it's an easy way (if it's a last minute gift or you're just too lazy) to make sure that they get what they want without having to go through all the trouble of figuring it out yourself.

Under $40

CGG: Fashion Lovers: Under $40

  1. The Fashion Book ($37.58) - The Fashion Book is basically a huge encyclopedia or designer profiles, photographers, and style icons. If she's a fashion geek (not a bad thing AT all), she'll surely love this book. I'd recommend getting it online because it is significantly cheaper than getting it in stores.
  2. Teen Vogue Handbook ($24.95) - This book is full of interviews from the industry's best and their advice is so helpful. I loved reading it and reading what my personal favourites recommend that us teens start doing at this age and later on if we're interested in making our mark in the fashion industry.
  3. Kate Spade Lenticular iPhone 5 Case ($40) - This reminds me of the old 80's makeup because of the bright aqua blue liner. It's such a quirky that I'd love to have on my non-existent iPhone 5.
  4. ISABEL MARANT by H&M Earrings ($24.95) - Buying jewellery for your loved one might be a bit tricky, but these earrings are versatile enough to be able to conform to everyone's personal style. The bohemian vibe can be dressed up or the earrings can be made into a more glamorous piece.
  5. Rookie Yearbook One/Two ($18.77-$29.95) - Rookie is written Tavi Gevinson, a seriously, seriously awesome teenage fashion blogger (she kind of left her blog to start her online magazine) who started when she was only eleven years old, which is just crazy to me. 
  6. Topshop Lux Fur Mittens ($29.50) - These mittens are just so luxurious and beautiful and could easily glam up any dull winter jacket. So gorgeous.

Over $40

CGG: Fashion Lovers: Over $40

  1. La Mer Multi Leaf Gold Wrap Watch ($120) - Just because she's into fashion doesn't mean that it's okay to be fashionably late. This watch is just so magical to look at, but if she isn't into that boho feel, there are TONS of other options on their website.
  2. Kate Spade Dictionary Phone Wallet ($85) - I thought this was just the cutest little thing. It's perfect for those girls who are always on the go or the ones who love the cutesy little things in life.
  3. Frends Oil Slick Taylor Headphones ($199.99) - I was originally going to include the original rose gold Taylor headphones, but then I came across these and knew that they were just perfect, a bit more perfect than the rose gold ones.
  4. Gossip Girl: The Complete Series: Season 1-6 ($99.99) - Gossip Girl was the fashion TV show to watch when it was around. Eric Daman was just a genius and what better way to marvel at his work then to rewatch Blair and Serena's everyday drama?
  5. Dior Couture by Ingrid Sischy and Patrick Demarchelier ($78.38) - Because coffee table books are so expensive, they aren't exactly items that people would get for themselves, making them the perfect gift.
  6. WWD Subscription ($139+) - These subscriptions can go up to $200 at the very least and it's even worse if you don't live in the States, but it's pretty much fashion's New York Times and every girl with who's interested fashion should have at least read one issue in her lifetime.
Which item was your favourite? Would you get any of your loved ones these gifts this Christmas? How much do you usually spend? Leave your comments below! P. S. -- There's a giveaway going on right now, so if you live in the States or Canada and want to enter for a chance to win a $20 H&M gift card and a gold star hair bow, ENTER!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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