Saturday, December 7, 2013

School Tips: 9 Things to Do to Get Your Work Done

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Hi there! A few, well, two, people have asked me to write this post and it has been long overdue. I know that it can be really hard to get to work sometimes and once you get to work, the balance between working too hard and not thinking about your health can also be damaging. I'm no expert, but I have been going to school for a while now, so here are a few things I've found helpful these past few years.

  1. Have a study space. Especially if you have a laptop like me, your workspace can really be anywhere in the house, but that's not exactly a good way to get into the mental state to do schoolwork. Designate one area in your house, apartment, whatever, to doing school work so whenever you're sitting at your desk, you feel like you're ready to get down to work.
  2. Make a list of goals. Think about what grades you want to raise or what habits you want to kick to the curb. Along with your academic goals, write about what you're going to do to reach them, something I can help you with in the next few points.
  3. Organise your time. Everyone should have an agenda to keep track of assignments and due dates so things don't go crazy. Whenever your teacher assigns you something, write it down. Then, take five minutes near the end of your day to write a list of the things you have to get done that night when you get home. I'd also recommend adding the times and turning it into a schedule so you don't go off track.
  4. Avoid sitting on your bed at all costs. If you don't have a very big room like me, this might be a little bit harder to avoid, but if you can, get off that comfy bed. You won't feel as awake if you're slouching and getting comfortable on your bed with your homework on your lap. However, if you're doing some reading or all you're doing is typing, I don't see a problem with staying comfortable.
  5. Keep food and electronics AWAY. Yes, I do realise that it's very tempting to keep your phone by your side while you're doing your work, but unless you actually need to use it (which isn't likely), it's not doing you any good. I usually keep mine on silent on the other side of the room and it really helps me get my work done. Same thing goes for your laptop. Unless you need it, don't keep it there. As for music, if you know that it distracts you, just get rid of it. It's for your own good.
  6. Close Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. I was once that girl who did her homework while watching YouTube videos and though it didn't affect my grades, it certainly affected how efficiently I was getting my work done. It's been proven that you can't multi-task when it comes to things like that, so if you're doing a research project or you're just using an online dictionary, don't distract yourself with social media.
  7. Take breaks. If you know that you can't concentrate for more than thirty minutes at a time, take a break thirty minutes in. You're not going to feel very up for learning if you're stretching your attention span. That being said, don't study for half an hour then take a half an hour break because then, it's not really a break anymore, is it?
  8. Clean up your workspace. It's going to be hard to work if your workspace is a mess. Like most students, I do my work in my room about 85% of the time, so it has to stay clean in order for me to not feel like the work and my room is eating me up alive. Just clean your space to refresh your mind.
  9. Get some sleep. Us teens don't get nearly enough sleep, so it's important to know your limits and realise that getting your sleep is extremely important. If you're sleep-deprived, it's going to affect your health, how you're going to feel the next day, and pretty much anything in between. Try to get at least eight hours of shut-eye every night if it's possible. More is always better in this case.
Which of these tips did you find the most helpful? Do you have anything else to add to the list? Do you ever have any trouble getting your work done? Leave your comments below!

Thanks for reading!
- J


  1. Thanks for posting this one, Juliana! I think number five is definitely the one I need to do, they're my major distractions (I'm always wanting to check my email.) Really, they're like little devils luring me into an endless time-consuming abyss.
    I find another tip very useful--simply turn off the WiFi because without because that, the electronics are like nothing! :)

    1. Sorry for the late reply, but no problem, Melody! That last tip about the Wi-Fi's helpful, too, so thanks for that!

      - Juliana