Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Funday: After the Feast...

Hi there! After eating a ton and now that we’re nearing the end of 2013, I feel like I’m finally able to truly relax and just sleep. A lot. I feel like all I’ve done recently is sleep, eat, and blog. It’s weird, but I’m not complaining. It’s really nice to be able to wind down and spend some time with my family (and my laptop, hehe).

Latest obsession: Frends

Dat headphone<3

I mentioned these lovely babies once before in a gift guide, but back then, it was only the start of my little obsession with them. They went on sale on Boxing Day (Canadian and British equivalent of Black Friday) and I couldn’t get my hands on a pair before they sold out, so I'll take it as a sign to save up for a pair of Frends Oil Slick Taylors and get them next year. Humph.

In 2014, I’m going to…

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I’d be sharing my resolutions for 2014 in today’s post, so here they are! I tried to keep the list concise and specific to make it easier for me to actually achieve these goals that I’ve laid out for myself. There will probably be some more added up until the 1st, but this is what I have so far. Also, some are either a bit too personal or too cheesy/lame to share, so yeah.
  1.  Comment on at least three blogs every day.
  2. Set aside a block of 1-2 hours at least three times a week to prewrite blog posts.
  3. Use my agenda more: Write all assignments, tests, etc. down as soon as they are assigned. Don't write everything in one messy notebook!
  4. Drink 1.5-2 L of water daily.
  5. Eat healthy: replace junk food with fruit or Greek yogurt, especially after school. Minimize portions and add more fruit and vegetables to my diet.
  6. Running's not one of my strong suits, so this year, I want to change that by starting out by running for 10 minutes three days a week and doing circuit training afterwards. Also, I want to follow at least three Blogilates videos every week. Make a workout schedule!
  7. Take three classes at the gym every week.
  8. Follow the one-minute rule
  9. Get at least 8.5 hours of sleep every night. Go to bed at 10 at the latest and plan my schedule so it finishes at 9:30 pm so there are no tasks after then.
  10. Practise sewing for one hour every week with my mom.

I organised my life. YAY.


As much as I loved December, I was probably at my most frazzled, busy, and disorganised state. I’ve never been so busy and let it get to me so much as this month. I mean, it wasn’t bad being that busy, but 24 hours just didn’t seem like enough to get anything done.

Now that I’m on my winter break (which is just awesome, by the way), I finally get to relax and take a mini break from homework and all my commitments until I have to start thinking about exams and assignments waiting for me. I’ve finally been able to organise my priorities and all that jazz, which is really nice. My room is finally clean (who knew that was possible). Blogging is starting to become a bit easier now that I’m prewriting a bunch of posts, so get excited for that! You know, if you want to.

Alex & Sierra are just the best.

They Won!!!

On a completely different note… Alex & Sierra. Oh. My. Gosh. They are just so amazing. I was so happy when they won X-Factor USA, like I actually jumped from my seat on the couch, screamed, and started clapping and jumping. It was madness. They’re pretty much all I’ve been listening to lately and it makes it just a bit better that Sierra is actually half-Vietnamese. I’m a proud, proud girl, haha.

I can’t seem to pick a favourite performance, but I will say that I prefer their live performances to the studio versions. If I had to choose (aka if I had to make you listen to only one song), it would have to be their cover of “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles or their first performance of “Say Something” by A Great Big World. So good.

Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

We’re about to ring in the New Year and my family has a tradition, or, more like I have this little tradition of watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve every year. The rest of my family is usually asleep or really, really tired by the time midnight rolls around, so that’s why it’s more my tradition than the whole family. I’m all about traditions, especially keeping the ones that I kind of initiated, so I’m really stoked to watch the show again this year. It’ll definitely be different without Dick Clark though. He’ll be missed.

Are you excited about 2014? Can you believe 2013 is almost over?! Crazy. Do you have any NYE traditions? Leave your comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J


  1. After I read your post, the first thing I was think is "You really plan to work out A LOT!" It sounds awesome, but don't get yourself exhausted for that! I once tried go swimming and jogging almost every day for a month and it felt super great, the only flaw is that I couldn't get anything done after exercising because I ran out of energy. :P

    1. I'm hoping! :D Realistically, I think I will have to alter my workout resolutions a bit, especially because I'm going into my first exams at the end of the month, which will not be fun. :/

      - Juliana