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Fashion Star Week 9 Recap: Trending Then and Now

Fashion Star Week 9

This week's challenge was to pick a fashion era and incorporate the trends from back then with the trends from today's fashion world.

Cassandra chose the 60's and focused on the geometric prints of that time period.  I love, love, love this column dress that she made.  It looks so effortlessly classy and I just adore it.  I wasn't a big fan of the mini dress however because the fit isn't as good as I'd like it to be and that kind of dress is very particular when it comes to fit.

THE COLUMN DRESS available at Express

Cassandra's Column Dress Fashion Star Week 9 Cassandra

THE MINI DRESS available at Macy's

Cassandra's Shirtdress Fashion Star Week 9 Cassandra

Daniel chose the 60's era and focused on the geometric prints and the white-on-white trend.  I'm a huge fan of both (even though I don't own much of each trend) so I was ecstatic to see what he would come up with.

As usual, he didn't disappoint.  Instead of buying fabric with a cool print or whatever, he made is own print with handmade appliqués.  His pieces were simply stunning and I'm completely obsessed with the black and white pieces.

He is such an inspiration to me.  He's daring and seemingly fearless when it comes to taking risks to be true to himself, and it's such an admirable quality the way I see it.  The majority of the other designers are trying to go more mainstream to stay safe and in the competition, but he goes out and does something absolutely ridiculous and risky.  But, the way he sees it, he'd rather get eliminated the week he designed a piece that he was absolutely in love with as opposed to a piece that he felt like he had to compromise his inner artist for.  And I agree.

 THE TOP available at Sak's

Daniel's Short Sleeve Top Fashion Star Week 9 Daniel

THE SKIRT available at Sak's (scroll down on the page to see the skirt, the site's annoying like that)

Daniel's Pencil Skirt Fashion Star Week 9 Daniel

Honestly, I think the buyers are a bit wacko sometimes, especially this week.  Daniel's designs this week were simply amazing and he only got a $50 000-bid and a $75 000-bid from Sak's?  I actually couldn't believe it. 

JesseRay and Garrett.  What to say about them...  This week, they chose the 50's.  The only piece that was a standout for me was the bustier and short outfit in the white and pale yellow print.  The rest was honestly a bit eh for me.  To me, they've just been a bit all over the place in the competition and I can't pinpoint their voice or their vision through their designs.

THE DRESS available at Sak's

JesseRay and Garrett's Sheath Dress Fashion Star Week 9 JesseRay and Garrett


JesseRay and Garrett's Crop Top and Shorts Fashion Star Week 9 JesseRay and Garrett

Hunter is definitely back!  This week she channeled the 50's and I think that she definitely hit a home run on this one.  I'm completely obsessed with the black lace fit-and-flare dress that she sent down the runway - it was absolutely gorgeous!

It's absolutely hilarious the way Terron from Sak's bids.  Express bids $50 000, then Macy's bids $60 000, and then Terron just comes out with a $200 000-bid.  He's absolutely crazy, but amazing nonetheless.  He's definitely my favourite out of the three buyers.  

THE FIT-AND-FLARE DRESS available at Sak's

Hunter's Fit and Flare Dress Fashion Star Week 9 Hunter

 THE LACE DRESS available at Express

Hunter's Lace Dress Fashion Star Week 9 Hunter

And then came the time for the buyers to decide who's going home and who's staying to compete in the finale.  Three of the four designers get a shot at winning a $3 million contract (last year was $6 million, so I don't know why they changed it this year) to design a capsule collection to be sold at Macy's, Sak's, and Express.  It's quite an amazing prize.

This week, the mentor's had no power to save or eliminate anyone whatsoever, so the buyers decided as a group to eliminate JesseRay and Garrett.

And to top it all of, here is my highlight from this episode of Fashion Star...

Fashion Star Week 9 Nicole Richie Polka Dots

This was actually the top she wore saying this exact line (inside the quotation marks, obviously).  No joke.

Thanks for reading and come back next week for the recap of the grand finale of Fashion Star.  Who will you be rooting for?
- J

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