Friday, May 31, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Festival Style

Instead of going to school and staying in class all day, learning who knows what, yesterday, all of the eighth grade students at my school went to a festival.  We actually had to walk for about 40-50 minutes there and back, so I knew that I had to be comfortable.

I decided to share with you what I wore because I haven't posted an outfit since April and I figured that today would be the perfect day.  If you're interested, you know what to do.  Enjoy!
Since I knew that I was going to be walking quite a bit that day, I opted for my go-to navy Cougar boat show-inspired flats that fit me like a dream.  I paired them with a pair of cropped black leggings from Charlotte Russe and a huge oversized tee from my dad's closet.  It was originally a t-shirt, but I cut off the sleeves and the collar and studded it to make it a little bit edgier and more my style.
My outfits are always about balance.  Of course, there will be some days when I wear something completely girly, classic, or whatever, but I usually like to make sure that there's balance in my outfits.  For example, with this one, to balance out the "sloppy" tee, I added a cropped denim jacket to dress it up a bit.  Then, I threw on (not literally, of course) some pearl necklaces to add a bit of femininity to my ensemble.

To top it all of, I added some wire rings that I made myself (I posted all the DIYs for these rings on the blog.  From left to right, here are the ones for the infinity ring, the stacking ring, and the love ring) and my Kenneth Cole watch that I literally wear every single day.  I also lugged around my grey leather Forever 21 crossbody bag that kept all of my essentials (like my sunglasses...) safe for the day.

At first, I was pretty skeptical as to whether or not I was going to enjoy the shows that we were going to attend that day, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised.  We got a chance to see the Step Afrika show which was such an interactive and fun show that kept me on my toes throughout the whole thing because I could never predict what they were going to show us next. 

I also got the chance to see the Evolution of BBoying show.  BBoying is a style of street dance that started in the 70's and the 80's and I find that it's such a cool form of dance that I really wish I could do.  But of course, being the clumsy and uncoordinated person I am, that's going to be nearly impossible.

Anyway, I hopet that you have an amazing weekend, everyone!  Just a little reminder for you all... tomorrow's June.  Isn't it crazy?!  Come back tomorrow for my thoughts on this "mind-blowing" revelation!

Thank you for reading!
- J
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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Vanessa! It means a lot. :)

      - Juliana

  2. Love the outfit! Looks very cool & comfortable.

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

    1. Thank you, Zoe! It most certainly was. :)

      - Juliana