Wednesday, May 1, 2013

3 Fresh Ways to Wear Floral + Tips!

Happy May everyone!  Since the saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers," I decided to write about the flowers of fashion - the floral print!  Maybe there's another equivalent for you, but to me, it's the floral print.

I feel weird calling floral prints a trend because it seems like every year, no matter how fashion is feeling, floral is always in-store, tempting you to buy it.  Since floral prints are so common and can look really ordinary in some outfits, here are a few ways to freshen up your spring floral outfits.  I also did a floral outfit earlier this month if you're interested.  This is just going to be in-depth version of it.  Enjoy!
  1. First of all, if your goal is to make wear floral in a unique and different way, go for prints that aren't the standard one.  This might seem a bit vague, saying that there's such thing as "standard" floral print, but just think, what's the most common floral print that you've seen around?  There must be something that pops into your mind.  Of course, there are unique ways to style that "standard" print, but if I think that finding pieces with different and quirky floral prints is awesome.
  2. If you're thinking about pairing a floral top with jeans, add some adventurous accessories to make your outfit really stand out to avoid leaving your outfit too plain. 
  3. Floral dresses, oh how I adore you.  Even though it is warming up, at least where I am, adding a fun pair of knee or thigh-high socks (or any socks to be honest) or some funky tights could really transform your outfit and make it one-of-a-kind.  Which technically, most are, but you know what I mean.
  4. Think of floral in the most unexpected places.  Years back, I don't think we would've thought to put floral on combat boots.  But you know what?  It's unexpected, quirky, and adorable.  Check, check, and check.  When you're out shopping, be on the look out for those different floral pieces - they'll be a great addition to your closet.
  5. Mix prints!  Mixing florals with another print can really make your outfit really stand out.

Now, on to the outfits!

Faded Florals
I feel in love with this cape the moment I saw it.  It's such a unique piece and it would be so cool to style. 
1.  Zara Oriental Print Cape
2.  Madewell Chambray Shirt
3.  Nasty Gal Neon Shadow Necklace
4.  ModCloth Pedal on Blossoms Shorts
5.  Forever 21 Bow Ankle Socks
6.  H&M Hologram Sneakers

Florals and Pastels

These jeans - they are really something amazing.  Pairing it with the ornate tee tucked in adds a casual yet put-together feel that I absolutely adore.  The rest of the accessories just pull everything together and polish it off.
1.  Aritzia Kent Blazer
2.  ChicWish Retro Floral Painting T-Shirt
3.  Forever 21 Etched Curb Necklace
4.  Free People Oxford Metal Link Watch
5.  Aldo Bernell Clutch
6.  TopShop Floral Organza Patch Jeans
7.  Anthropologie Evening Fog Drops
8.  H&M Sandals

Transparent Rain
Let's just take a moment to... think about/talk about/whatever term you'd like to use these rain boots.  They're transparent rain boots.  Like, seriously.  I'm so curious to see how they would look like barefoot and without socks.  The whole vibe of this ensemble is super quirky and I love it.
1.  MOTO Denim Slouchy Parka
2.  ModCloth Rose-Scented Letters Dress
3.  Madewell Zebra Sweater
4.  Zara Sparkly Star Necklace
5.  Urban Outfitters Lace Turban Headwrap
6.  Mischa Barton Anderson Satchel
7.  Deena & Ozzy Heeled Rain Boot
I hope this inspired your spring wardrobe somehow and don't forget to stop and smell the flowers every once in a while.  Let me know (if you'd like) which outfit was your favourite in the comments.
Thanks for reading!
- J

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