Friday, May 3, 2013

Sketchbook Friday: Grad Dresses!


My grade eight graduation is coming up, which actually sounds so silly now that I'm writing (technically I'm typing it, but you know, same thing) it down.  I've been thinking about that day for a while and it will definitely be such a bittersweet day, but I'll probably be bawling my eyes out.  But one thing has always made me somewhat happy when thinking of that day and it's my dress. 

I actually already have my dress for that special day (it's starting to sound like I'm getting married or something of that magnitude, haha), I've sketched so many dresses that were other options or for my friends.   I don't think they liked them very much to be honest, but it doesn't bother me much because I love them.  And the ones I hate, well, those get a big "x" somewhere on the page.  Below are some of the designs that I ended up liking, just a better version of them because it the originals have scribbles all over them. 

When I thought about this first dress, the first words I wanted to create something that when I looked at it, the first words I would think of would be confident, fun, and flirty.  Of course not too flirty because it is a graduation after all and there will be parents around.  I hope that I've achieved that goal, but if not, aw well.  The dress would be made of a dimensional (or not...) shade of green velvet or chiffon and it would be cinched at the waist with a contrasting, thin, and bright suede belt.  I would pair the dress with Mary Jane platforms because I think that they can polish up any outfit and make it look complete.  I wanted the girl to feel confident when wearing this, so for hair, I would go for a bouncy and voluminous ponytail, kind of like Taylor Swift's signature ponytail these days (check out another version of the hairstyle here).

This next dress is definitely a much more casual option for grad.  It has this bohemian vibe to it that I really like, I can almost picture Nicole Richie wearing something like this.  Once again, they would be paired with platforms, but for this dress, I would go with either caramel or mint Lita's (more on Lita's later on).  Going on with the boho feel of this dress, I'd go for loose and imperfect waves (preferably ombr√© hair) and a bold red lip.

This last dress is definitely my favourite out of all three of the dresses.  It was inspired by my crazy obsession with everything galaxy and cosmic, but the main source of inspiration was my friend Bohmyi's love for Lita's, a sky-high (about 5 inch with a 2 inch platform, or something along those lines).  She came across these beautiful pair of Cosmic Lita's and I based the entire dress around that pair.  For more information on Lita's - I do realise that that sounds incredibly formal when it shouldn't be - go check out my friend's blog post all about them (she's obsessed with them).

I hope that you liked this and let me know in the comments below if you like these posts (and tell me which one is your favourite!).  Also, let me know if you can actually read my handwriting because if no one can, I'll definitely adjust that so that it's actually legible.  

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my posts!  I really appreciate it.
- J

P. S. Happy Birthday Dad!  I'll always be your little girl. :)

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