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How to: Relax One Week Before Exams

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Hi there! With just a bit over a week until exams for me, I was starting to feel a bit stressed out, something I'm sure many of you students can totally relate to. It's all a normal part of the whole exam thing, but there are things you can do to better prepare yourself and relax beforehand so your stress levels don't get out of control.

Keep reading for a few of my tips!

Gather your notes

While the thought might stress you out a bit, it's worth it, particularly if your binder's been a mess all semester. Figure out what notes you have and which ones you have to add on to. Or maybe you were sick one day and need to borrow a friend's. Either way, it's a good idea to organise them neatly so you can study.

Know what to expect

If your teacher hasn't already told you, interrogate them. It's difficult to do well on a test if you don't know what to study for.

Speaking of talking to your teachers, use that opportunity to ask them about a unit or a concept that you're unsure about. If you feel awkward about it, remember that it's your education that's at stake and that you're responsible for it.

Not to sound like a parent or anything. ;)

Clean your room

You might hate cleaning your room, but I know that I hate a messy room more. In addition to that hatred, it tends to stress me out and make me feel just a teensy bit like it's a reflection of my current state and that I have no control over anything. Cleaning your room can act as a sort of therapy and you'll get a clearer mind for the time leading up to exams.

Light scented candles

I'd recommend more soothing scents that aren't too in-your-face or overly sweet. Think of something calming rather than a candle that'll make you want to eat it.

Take a bath

If you're stuck in the mentality that you just always have to keep working, working, and working, you'll probably burn out and you can't afford that to happen before exams. Use the bath as a well-deserved break after strenuous study periods.

Watch a movie

The reason I said "movie" instead of "TV show" is because with TV shows, there's always something that happens after (unless you're watching that series finale, of course) and you're going to be tempted to watch another episode, then another, then another. With a stand-alone movie, after the two hours spent on your couch, you don't have as many excuses to stay there.

The movie can be a good chance for you to escape reality for a bit and zone out to avoid causing yourself too much stress.

Do some yoga

I know this sounds really typical advice, but I swear, it helps. Try doing some yoga moves in dim lighting for that extra relaxing feel.

Get some sleep

Sleep is crucial to keeping your mind healthy. You can't expect yourself to be perky and ready to take on an exam when you're running off of five hours of sleep that tend to make it hard for you to focus or remember anything important. Plan your time wisely and head to bed at a reasonable time (before midnight, you know?).

Which tip did you find most useful? Do you have any other ones to add to the list? Will exams be invading your world any time soon? Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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