Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Funday: January 11/15

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Hi there! I hope that 2015 has been doing you well so far. I headed back to school this week and went straight into exam (studying) mode. There are tons of summatives and notes to revise, so while I only have four subjects (I'm semestered) and it's fairly relaxed because the summatives are done in class for the most part and my exams are relatively easy, I still want to do well, hence the mild level of stress.

Quite frankly, I didn't have the best start to 2015 since I started it with a serious case of the sniffles. It also started extremely cold and I made the mistake of trying to eat healthy but my portions weren't enough to support all the trekking I had to do in the cold so I was exhausted all week. But every week, everyday is a new lesson, so I'm just slowly getting wiser.

Very slowly.

Since I headed back to school, I've also gotten back into oatmeal. Over the break since I was so sick, I woke up late enough to have brunch most days, so I skipped oatmeal for quite a while and definitely missed it. I thought that since it's Oatmeal Month, it'd be a good idea to start eating oatmeal a ton everyday.

As an avid reader of my blog, you probably know that I run an online fashion magazine at school (you can check it out here) and meetings resumed this week. At the beginning, it was really quite... awkward. It's a new club so I didn't really know what I was doing and like it was just weird. But as the meetings progressed, the awkardness started to subside and we really started to enjoy ourselves.

We started planning for the spring issue and you know how I feel about it? Freaking. Excited. I can't wait for you guys to all (well, those who are interested anyway) to see it.

I'm also super excited about some posts that I'll be doing this month, too. I completely failed this week and I'm sorry, but I'll make up for it!!!

I got my dog about two weeks ago (her name's Nova) and she's getting so big! A few of my friends came over and we just hung out and played with Nova. It was such a fun time and I made sure to feed my guests really well. I started with a whole loaf of bread and by the end of my grilled cheese-making frenzy, there were about three slices left. Oh, and they totally annihilated my Christmas chocolate stash that would've gone to waste otherwise.

My friend K from middle school also swung by and she ended up staying over. Recently, I've had a real appreciation for spontaneity and have been starting to really embrace it. As someone who plans their day down to the minute, it's nice to break away from that sometimes to just relax and not have to always watch the clock. Highly suggest it if you're getting a bit stressed out and overwhelmed.

Throughout the whole week, I've been obsessing over White Collar which is a crime TV show that just ended after six seasons. If you've ever seen Catch Me If You Can, it's basically the same idea, just what happens after he becomes a consultant with the FBI or whatever and it's a totally different guy, but same abilities.

It's such a good show and if you couldn't already tell by the title, it's based in the White Collar division of the FBI which is the one that deals with all the forgery and copyright things. I'm still on the first season and while I'm worried about it being repetitive since it's constricted to only one type of crime, I'm so stoked to finish the whole series. Besides, Matt Bomer's face is kind of an added bonus.

Like, a really big one.

My friend B has been getting back into Gossip Girl which is so exciting for me. She watched about half of the episodes years ago, but she just rewatched them all and I'm reliving those days again. I watched the series as it aired starting from the 4th season or something like that. I was definitely way too young to be watching such a scandalous show about a bunch of teenage Upper East Siders, but the clothes are drool-worthy, the actors are beautiful, and the plot is addictive, so why not?

There's just something about reminiscing about Gossip Girl that makes me inexplicably happy. I don't really get it, if I'm honest.

The past week has been a gradual transition back into the school life (and I'm already too tired - must be a Canadian thing :P) and the next week will be even more crazy. Wish me luck and I wish you the same.

How was your week? What are your thoughts on spontaneity? What have you been watching on TV? Leave your comments and share your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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