Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Current Love: Intricate Braids and Oversized Beanies

Image Credit: Brit + Co.
Hi there! A combination that I've been very intrigued by lately is the whole braid and beanie thing. While the friend who I saw wearing said beanie had her long black hair flowing, it made me think back to some styles that I've seen before when the hair was in a braid of some sort with a cozy beanie to balance out the look.

Especially since it's winter, this combo would be awesome to bring a bit of life to your everyday style. Keep reading for more inspiration!

Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar
I'm particularly into this rope braid that's an upgrade from your standard two-strand one. The cool and intricate pattern clashes well with the typical lines of knitted beanies. With a bit of practice, you'll get this daunting hairstyle down pat.
sometimes I wish I lived in Somewhere else so I could dress like this and no one would look at me strange
Image Credit: Refined Style Fashion

Master a box braid with this tutorial.
Image Credit: Zabalza
This one's called the box braid and while it may look difficult (tutorial here) just imagine your hair done like that with an oversized beanie on your head to keep it warm. If you're into the whole cool-girl-who's-got-it-all-together type look (think Jenny from Gossip Girl season 4 with just a bit less makeup), this is definitely for you.

Knitting extra chunky beanie - Maison Martin Margiela
Image Credit: Stylista
Will you be trying out this combo sometime? What's your current love? Are there other braids you think I should try for myself? Leave your comments and share your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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