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So I Went to See "Dior and I"

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Hi there! Over the weekend, I went downtown to this little theatre that shows indie or lesser-known movies to see a fashion documentary called "Dior and I" with me, myself, and I. (More on that experience in a video to come in June.) While it was a bit stressful because they only took cash (which I didn't have on me), so I had to use an ATM, well two to get cash to pay for my damn movie ticket, it was such a freaking amazing movie. Like oh my GOD, it was absolutely incredible.

Before seeing the documentary, I wasn't that well-versed in the world of Dior and only understood the general gist of his story and not the little details like a devoted Dior fan would. In terms of more modern Dior stories, of course I knew of when Raf Simons replaced Bill Gaytten as the creative director of the house, but that's about where my knowledge ends. 

Over the years, I've kept up with the Dior shows at fashion week and was always particularly fascinated with their couture pieces. This documentary shows us the intense stress, hours upon hours of labour, and distinct, clear-cut vision behind such a beautiful collection. Usually, the seamstresses (who deserve so much more credit for their work) and the whole team has about four to six months to complete an haute couture collection. However, this time around, Raf was given his new role as the head of couture, which he has never done before, and had to complete the collection within eight weeks. EIGHT WEEKS. 

So of course, that would've been just a smitch more stressful than usual.

This isn't meant to be a review because a) I don't know how to review a movie properly seeing as I barely watch any, and b) I wouldn't have anything critical to say about it because I just watched the movie in absolute awe the whole time. No joke. This post is just me expressing how fricking wonderful and absolutely fantastic the film was and how you should all go see it.

It was so interesting and fascinating to see the behind-the-scenes process. It's interesting because appreciation for fashion, for a dress in particular, only lasts so long. A celebrity wears a gorgeous gown to a red carpet for a few hours and then takes it off. A runway show lasts about 15 minutes and every dress only gets a few seconds of fame and glory. But behind all the glitz and glamour of it all, people forget that these beautiful things take hours upon hours to create and in Dior and I, I got to see a small slice of that process.

If you're not massively passionate about fashion, it might seem like a bit of a dry and dull movie, but trust me, once you get past the rather slow introduction that really only lasted about five minutes giving you a super quick history lesson on Christian Dior, it's so, so interesting. Anyone who knows how to appreciate a dress or clothing in general should go see this movie. Honestly, so incredible to see how innovative, creative, and passionate people can be.

And believe it or not, it was actually pretty funny as well. There was one part in particular that stood out to me, not only for its humour, but also for Pieter's (I'm pretty sure it was him and not Raf, but he's basically Raf's right-hand man) resourcefulness. They had made a white jacket that was supposed to go with a dress or something, but it just looked strange and off in white. It wasn't just a typical suit jacket as it is haute couture after all, so it took a long time to make. 

Raf was sitting there and said something along the lines of, "how long is it going to take to make one in black?" Seeing as they had about 2-3 weeks left until the show at that point, making another one in time wasn't an option, so someone (again, pretty sure it was Pieter, but not 100% sure) was like, "is this fabric sprayable?" One of the première seamstresses said "yes" and Pieter took the jacket out to the garden with a bottle of black spray paint, and sprayed the jacket to see how it would look like.

I really admire people who are able to think so quickly on their feet and who are able to get the job done no matter the circumstances. It's just so amazing to me.

Basically, it was incredible. Go watch it - you won't regret it, trust me.

Have you seen this documentary? Are you a fan of Dior? What do you find inspirational? Leave your comments and share your stories below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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