Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Funday: April 26/15

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Hi there! This past week that I let myself have off from blogging has been quite refreshing. Not in the sense that I don't enjoy blogging and it was a relief not to have to do it for a week, but because it gave me time to think about my blog, where I want to go with it, and how I'd like to change it to improve it. It's also made me realise just how important it is to me and how much more time I want to invest in it instead of the half-hearted blogging I've been doing for what's felt like way too long.

School has been pretty chill the past week, so I've been planning out my blogging schedule in class whenever I have some free time, and I'm really excited about the upcoming posts. The days are getting longer and the weather's just getting nicer, so I'm hoping to be able to use those two things to motivate me to build better habits and work harder with everything that I do.

New Tunes

I was about to say that music has been so important to me this week, but I say that pretty much every week already. I discovered some new songs this week. Here's a rundown of my favourites.

- Marian Hill (such a goddess, oh my goodness): I was going to suggest specific songs, but nah, just listen to her whole album, Sway. My favourites are "One Time," "Lips," and "Whisky." They're all just such good chill songs to dance to.
- "You Just Want My Money" by Jason French is quite possibly one of my favourite songs to err, dance interpretatively to.
- Sam Hunt: "Break Up in a Small Town," "Leave the Night On," "Make You Miss Me," and "Ex to See" are my absolute favourites. I've been listening to those songs on repeat all week and they're just so, so good. The break up song (the first link) sounds really dumb, but trust me, it's so good. The drop is just amazing. Well, at least I think it is.
- Finally, Shawn Mendes's whole new album Handwritten is just stellar. "Stitches," "Air," "Bring it Back," and "Imagination" are my particular favourites.

O Romeo...

We finished reading Romeo & Juliet in English class this week and I know that a lot of my friends thought the play is dumb and overdramatic, but I guess it's the romantic in me that made me enjoy it so much. Yes, I laughed at their dramatic gestures at many points, but it was all just so enjoyable for me. I don't know, I just really enjoyed reading it and I nearly teared up that end.

We saw the old version of the movie with that really pretty girl as Juliet and the Zac Efron lookalike as Romeo which was definitely interesting. My teacher said that we'll be watching the Leonardo DiCaprio version this upcoming week so I'm super stoked about that despite the mixed reviews.

Another end approaching

The end of April is coming up. What the heck. It's crazy to me, but I'm really excited about this upcoming month. There are lots of things I want to do and I'm very ambitious and optimistic about it all, but I'm really hoping that I'll be able to feel very accomplished by the end of May. Time is just flying by so fast, I can't quite keep up.

What are you looking forward to in May? Have you read Romeo & Juliet? What music have you been listening to? Leave your comments and share your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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  1. Ah, Romeo and Juliet. I've only read a small part of the play (mind you, the balcony scene) in class because English isn't our first language here. We gagged the whole way through. Oops. But hey, I would definitely choose Shakespeare over Confucius (as if I have the choice :P ). Also, we adapted the scene and acted it out later. Basically Romeo and Juliet still died in the end...but we made everything in between a parody. (It was pretty messy. Hint: we used "Cell Block Tango", a sound track from the movie Chicago as background music. Fun fun fun.)
    Speaking of music, Whispers II by Passenger, which I've been looking forward to for a long time, is out recently, so I'm a really happy human being these days.
    I'm not looking forward to May in particular though. There's a drought and the government's going to limit the water we use. Ah well, less is netter than none.