Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Funday: April 12/15

Hi there! It's been quite the week for me. I was so productive in some ways and so unproductive in others. Translation: I barely touched my school work (which wasn't pressing, but I should've), but I finished my dress for the Taylor Swift concert! So basically, I'm really happy and proud about that.

The week before, I stayed up until between 11 to 1 in the morning every night working on my magazine (more on that in a second) and this week, I did the same, except I was working on the dress and slaving away in my sewing room. I made some very smart decisions, I know. I somehow didn't fall asleep in any classes, but I did had much more noticeable mood swings, aha, going from grumpy to enthusiastic, so there was that.

Down below is a quick peek at the dress, but it's still not 100% done. I have to fix the zipper and fix up the sash a little bit, but I'm proud of how my 2nd ever creation turned out. I will most definitely show you guys how the final costume turns out along with the posters that B and I will be carrying with us to the concert.

I still have B's dress that I have to make which I'm giving to her for her birthday which is a bit nerve-wracking. I made mine first so I could get some more experience before making something for someone else, and I think mine went pretty well, but I just can't help but be a little nervous, especially considering that it's a completely different kind of fabric that I've never worked with before.

Okay, considering that it'll be the third garment that I ever make, that's not saying that much, but thankfully I'll have my mom there on the side helping me along the whole way just in case I mess up or need advice so I don't mess up.

Magazine madness

Anyway, the magazine is coming out this THURSDAY (the 16th) which is super duper exciting for me. Some things have been keeping me from being able to launch it earlier (hint: it has to do with getting it printed!!!), but I'm still so excited about this. I have a preview up on if you guys want to go check that out.

School sugar bush trip

It was cold and wet and my curled hair got ruined, but it was worth it. On Friday, I headed out on only my third high school field trip ever to a sugar bush. I'd already gone on this trip in Grade 9, but I thought it'd be fun to go again with a group of my friends and just escape from school for a little bit. It's not that I don't like school because I've said this many times and I'll say it again, like I love school, but it was just nice to get away and still be surrounded by some great people.

We just took a yellow school bus to the place a little over an hour away from school and had pancakes, beans, eggs, and ham all drenched in maple syrup, of course. Then, they took us on this weird horse-sleigh ride type thing that made me feel really bad for the poor horses and they fed us maple taffy which was HEAVENLY and so much better than the regular stuff. Just so, so good.

I also ended up buying some maple butter which is sweet as heck, but so, so good. My mom's obsessed, but of course it's basically maple syrup and really sugary and only kind of healthy in moderation, so I hid the little pot of the butter at the back of our fridge and out of everyone's reach.

Exciting basement renovations

We've been living in our house for nearly 10 years now (it will be on August 16th I think!) and the basement has remained unfinished for the longest time. It's been a project that my parents have wanted to tackle for so long, but that kind of insane project takes a lot of effort and motivation which we've been lacking. So with the 10-year anniversary approaching, my parents decided to take the week off work and they got a lot done. Now, all the walls are up and have been smoothed over, and all of the hardwood floor is done. We still have to deal with the little bathroom, but we're not DIY-ing that bit, fortunately. While I'm always up for the DIY, I'm glad that my parents agreed that professionals should deal with anything related to plumbing and water.

It's still pretty messy down there, so I don't have any pictures to share, but I'll definitely do a grand unveiling when it's all done. My parents are planning for it to be done soon, but we shall see. :) My mom also wants me to paint a lot of things down there, so I have a lot of artsy work ahead of me, that's for sure.

Music for the soul

I've been listening to music a lot more this week. Obviously music is ALWAYS a big part of my life, but this week, it became an even bigger part of it. My favourite tracks from the week have been, Ours by Taylor Swift (the music video's really cute and you can check it out down below), Pressure by Milk & Bone, Midnight Moon by Oh Wonder, and Open Up by Gallant. I rediscovered Taylor Swift's album Speak Now yesterday and listening to her earlier tunes have been very therapeutic for me. 

Speaking of Taylor Swift, I'm sure you guys have all heard the news about her mom (if not, read this before continuing) and I'm just so heartbroken. It's just another reminder that cancer is absolutely awful and it's taken a lot to comfort me whenever I think of her mom. I know that she's never going to read this, but I'm hoping and praying that the Swift family will get through this and stay strong, and that Andrea will kick cancer's ass.

What music have you been loving this week? I'd love suggestions. :) I don't know what else to ask, aha, just tell me about your week. I'd love to hear what's been going on in your lives.

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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  1. Gosh, this post makes me so excited, it felt so weird. First of all, I'm giving you a big thumbs up for that dress you made. It looks amazing! :) I've done some sewing at school last semester, and god forbid anyone who sees that bag. So yeah, I'm really impressed, since it's just your second project!
    I read the Leo Magazine as well, all I have to say is well done! (and you DID came up with a pretty nice Editor's Letter at last ;) )
    I fine Ours really therapeutic and I've been kind of obsessed with that song for quite some time. I've discovered a pretty awesome artist recently as well -- her name's Lauren Aquilina, and her voice is so, so amazing (I recommend Sinners, King and Fools). Some other artists that I rediscovered are Passenger (aka Mike Rosenberg), Dan Fogelberg and Chris de Burgh (what's with me and Bergs/Burghs these days lol). I just like songs with soothing singing voices and good melodies, I guess. Well, tweet me (or anyhow you find convenient) if you need song recommendations for each artist, because this comment is starting to get a bit too long :P.