Tuesday, April 7, 2015

PROM: Top 5 Stores to Shop + Mini Update

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Hi there! First off, apologies for being totally MIA this past week. The deadline for the online fashion magazine I run at school was coming up and I spent hours upon hours on that thing. We had to do a last-minute photoshoot (which turned out really well and I'm super stoked for) and I spent quite a while editing and just perfecting it. I'm just so proud of how it turned out. I'll attach a sneak preview of a photo (and the cover!) at the very end of this post.

Anyway, getting on to what this post is really about, prom season is coming up and it's just all over blogs and websites. Actually, I've even heard that some people have already had their proms which I think is kind of crazy. So you need a dress.

I think I speak for the majority of girls when I say that we want our dress to be unique and make us feel freaking gorgeous. Keep reading for a few options of where to shop, both online and in-store.


Though everyone talks about how some ASOS clothes can be kind of iffy in quality, they do have a lot of nice dresses varying in length that are fancy enough for prom. An added bonus is that shipping is basically free (I'm assuming that you'll be picking a dress upwards of $45-ish, so additional shipping costs shouldn't be an issue). The prices are also pretty reasonable, so what I would do is pick out a few of my favourites, try them all on when they come, and return the ones that well, aren't the One.

Generally, Nordstrom dresses are a little bit more expensive, but there are some really beautiful options and a lot of them. If you have a Nordstrom close to you, you could just go in the store and see what they have and try on the dresses. If they don't have one that you're looking for or if you don't have a Nordstrom close to where you live, you could just order online. The shipping is also free if you live in the States.

Again, they aren't the cheapest (but then again, what prom dresses are) dresses, but there are plenty of different designers and there are lots of options from $150-$500 to pick from.

4. Vintage stores/shows

A way to ensure that your dress is unique is to go hunt for it in a vintage store or at a show if you those things come to town. While getting a brand new dress that's just been freshly made has its own appeal, it's also really cool to wear a dress to prom that has a bit of history, you know?

Another thing you could do is check on the small boutiques in town or maybe if there's a bigger city a a roadtrip away, you should check those out, too.

It might be a difficult and long and grueling hunt, but there are so many beautiful gowns on Etsy. Like I was just scrolling and drooling, completely mesmerised by the beauty. I think this dress is enough proof of that. Plus, it isn't crazy expensive either, even with shipping.

I hope that if you're going to prom this year that this post was helpful. Or if you aren't and you just wanted to look at pretty dresses like me, I helped fuel your obsession. :)

Also, here's a little sneak preview of my magazine which will be up on APRIL 14th at theleomag.com and I'm super duper excited if you couldn't already tell.

Are you going to prom this year? What kind of dress are you looking for? What other prom posts would you like me to do? I'm thinking of doing one on makeup and hair looks as well as one dedicated to shoes (another very important factor) already, so if there's anything else, let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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