Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Funday: March 29/15

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Hi there! Honestly, I can't quite believe that the week is already over. The past seven days are all kind of smushed up and blurry in my mind, and I can't quite reminder what happened, but I do remember the feeling of not being able to wait for the weekend. But now that the weekend's nearly over (again, how?), I just realised how much work I actually have to do. Barely any of it is schoolwork, but I'm actually kind of worried about it, aha.

Spotify Love

Music was a really big part of my week. I think I mentioned getting Spotify before, but it's just been life-changing. I guess for some that might seem a little overdramatic, but I've been able to make some playlists and all the music just makes me so much happier. Like I've noticed that listening to all this music has considerably lifted my mood.

If you were ever curious as to what I listen to, my username's stylegeneris like it is everywhere, and I have a playlist called "acoustic/indie chill" as well as one titled "sixteen" that I've been putting together for my 16th birthday party (I know, I'm crazy) You have to make an account to be able to see it (which you should definitely do, I'm just saying), unfortunately...

Fitness Inspiration

I got back into the workout groove this week. Actually no, I'm slowly getting back into it, so I didn't work out as much as I should've this week. But I'm starting small, so I don't mind too much, I guess. While I'd worked out a bit during the week, after watching the Victoria's Secret swim show thing, I got super inspired to work out. While I doubt that I'll be anywhere on a beach this summer, or if I am, I most certainly won't be clad in a bikini, but the allure of eating clean and working out to get a nice body for the summer is well, quite enticing.

Dreaming of Summertime

Speaking of summer, we are now a month closer to that wonderful time of year. It's kind of crazy to think that in a few days' time, it'll be April. APRIL. That's insane. This year is just flying by and it's worrying me a little. It makes me think of how fast I'm growing up and then the stress of applying to universities and colleges and life after high school starts to kick in. For the time being, I'll just convince myself that the time for all of that isn't as close as it is.

Sushi Sushi SUSHI

Saturday night, my family headed out of town (well, not that far, but far enough) to check out this sushi place that's supposedly really good. My mom got a bonus at work, so we thought we'd celebrate and holy heck, it was the most delicious sushi I've ever had. No joke. I'm a massive sushi fan, but the restaurants we've been to recently haven't ceased to disappoint me, which is most certainly not a good thing, so - as silly as it sounds - I've been losing faith in the delicious Japanese food.

You could safely say that my faith has been restored after yesterday's meal.

We spent a lot (or too much) time trying to figure out how this modern as heck teapot worked
Sashimi platter and calamari
Unagi D roll, Emerald, roll, Sashimi roll
Seafood Poutine - my brother actually ordered another bowl just for himself after
Haru Light roll (it had kiwi in it!)

A photo posted by Juliana (@stylegeneris) on
A photo posted by Juliana (@stylegeneris) on

That's about it for my week! Are you a fan of sushi? Do you have Spotify? If you do, please leave your username down below so I can follow you! Have you seen the Victoria's Secret Swim Special? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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  1. Unfortunately, what I can relate to the most in this post is the stress of applying for colleges universities :P. It's starting to seriously freak me out. Some people in my class even started counting down to the day of entrance exam, it's insane (the tension, I mean). Wish all of us (including you) good luck in this mess :目.
    On a lighter note, Spotify sounds really cool. I've heard about it before, but never tried it. Guess I'll have to make an account to find out.