Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Cleaning Goals & Inspiration

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Hi there! Something that I've always wanted to do but have never done (trust me, there's a massive list despite the significant dent I've made in that list this year) is spring clean. There's always this bright enthusiasm and excitement when spring comes around and the second word that I think of when I think of spring (the first is "flowers") is "cleaning."

This year, I decided that it'd be a good idea to actually, you know, clean in the springtime. But like any other project, you need some inspiration to get motivated to start. Keep reading for a few of my goals and some projects to go along with them. All with pretty pictures, of course.

1. Declutter laptop

I did this once before in the summer, but it's been like eight or nine months, so I've downloaded a lot more photos and I've seized many opportunities to be lazy when it comes to saving things, so I should definitely clean up the folders on my computer.

On another note, I'd also like to edit my pins so that my boards and all that look more uniform. There's something about consistency in everything that feels so alluring but feels equally unattainable.

2. Clean up bathroom cabinets

When we bought our house, my parents didn't think to get drawers for the bathroom, so we ended up being stuck with just big cabinets. I need to get a few boxes and organisational things to keep everything under the sink organised.

Great Organizing Ideas for your Bathroom! Cabinet Bathroom Organization Makeover - Before and After photos.
Image Credit: Living Locurto
3. Take out spring/summer wardrobe

I'm always incredible lazy to switch out my two sets of clothes as it takes so much effort, but I think I will feel a lot better about myself after I do so. I'll also feel a hell of a lot better after donating some unwanted clothes from my closet, as well.

Buzzfeed also has 17 tips if you own too many clothes.

4. Clean up bookshelf (& maybe order some books, too?)

My bookshelf just doesn't look good right now and it needs a really good clean. My goal is to make my bookshelf look pretty enough so that even on my laziest days, I will still be able to muster up the effort to put a book back properly because I want to upkeep the prettiness.

Bookshelf Styling Ideas from Domaine Home (Image Credit)

Everything You Need For a Skillfully Styled Bookshelf

5. Reorganise nightstand

Finally, one of the messiest places in my often messy room is my nightstand. It's just so easy to open it and toss all the stuff that I don't want from on the nightstand to in a drawer. It's actually too easy. Unlike some other areas in my room that I just really like to avoid cleaning, I clean my nightstand quite often, but it just keeps getting messy again. I think the key is to reorganise and declutter to lower the chances of making a mess in the future.

Keep your charging station in a kitchen or nightstand drawer, just by drilling some holes. | 36 Genius Ways To Hide The Eyesores In Your Home
This just seems like a really good idea // Image via Buzzfeed

Start the 30-Day Spring-Cleaning Challenge Today!

Mason Jar Organizer DIY Playbook
Image Credit: DIY Playbook
I hope that this post injected some motivation into you and inspired you to spring clean this, err, spring. Let me know what you plan on cleaning this spring. Have you ever done spring cleaning before? Were you successful? Do you have any tips to share? Leave your comments down below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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