Monday, March 2, 2015

March's Big Five

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Image Credit: Joschko Hammermann
Hi there! It's pretty crazy to me how we're already heading into the end of our first quarter of the year. I swear I was just counting down to 2015 like yesterday. As insane it is to think that time is flying by so freaking quickly, a new month comes new motivation to accomplish some important things.

I'm pretty fond of March because that marks the point where the weather here typically gets a bit warmer (which is always a plus in my book), but here are five more reasons to be fond of the upcoming few weeks.

Spring Break!

As a student, it's not that unusual to start counting down the days to Spring Break after Winter Break is over and we're all back in school early January. I'm not too sure about other countries, but where I live, we typically have our break halfway through March and I know that in the States, it's usually the week after ours.

Either way, I'm pumped to have the week to myself and to get lots of filming, blogging, and some personal projects done. It's going to be fun, fun, fun. Oh, and relaxing because I'll get lots of sleep, of course. :P

Pi Day on the 14th

Now I know the very fact that this has been included in this post might make me look like a total nerd (I don't really consider myself one but being a nerd is totally okay, I mean look at John Green there making millions), but while I'm not a huge math fan (I do like it, I'm just not passionate about it), I don't have pie often, so this would be a lovely excuse to go out and do so.

Insurgent on the 18th

Image Credit: MTV UK
I'm honestly a bit skeptical about the movie judging by what has been released to the public so far, but I trust Shailene Woodley and Theo James as actors, so I'm hoping that it will be a good movie and will go see it nonetheless. I think I'm speaking for everyone (or at least a good chunk) when I say that Insurgent was our least favourite book of the series, but it's fun to join the crowd and the excitement of it all, so you can definitely expect to see me in theatres on the 18th.

The Start of Spring on the 20th

Climate is obviously different all around the world, but March marks the month, for me at least, where things turn around and it seems just that much closer to summer. I feel like there's so much excitement in the air and people just want to cleanse themselves, which is an idea that's always alluring. I'm definitely going to be spring cleaning this year, so I'm already getting excited about that.

Smallpools's Debut Album on the 24th

Ever since I discovered 8tracks and indie music a few months ago, actually, nearly a year ago, I've been a fan of Smallpools's music, particularly the all too famous "Mason Jars." I didn't realise that they don't have an album out yet, only an EP, so I can't wait to hear more of their sound once the album drops. It's calle LOVETAP! and I'm confident it'll be great.

Sneaky little bonus... it's SG's 2nd anniversary on the 16th!

It's crazy to think that it's almost been two years of running this baby, but the anniversary is an actual thing that's actually happening.

What's the event you're most excited about? What other things can you add to the list? How is March weather like where you are? It's pretty darn wet and slushy for me.

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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