Wednesday, March 25, 2015

You're Only Human

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Hi there! Something that I feel like we forget a little too often is how we're only human. We'll pile a crap load of stuff on our plate and somehow expect ourselves to accomplish it all. Or we'll do something stupid and expect to be able to bounce back immediately and when we don't, we get mad at ourselves. They say that you're your own worst critic and that proves to be so true - we tend to expect a hell of a lot out of ourselves, that's for sure.

Like anyone else, I'm not exempt from this particular problem and fall victim to it myself quite often. While I think pushing yourself is a good thing, there's a fine line between motivating yourself to complete a to-do list or two and damaging your mental and physical health as you try to complete said-to-do list.

I've done this a lot over the past couple of years and I'd only realised that it was actually becoming a problem recently. There's a difference between being tired and like feeling-like-I'm-going-to-pass-out tired. The latter, of course, being not so great for your well-being. The stress and negative feelings just compound on each other, so really, being terribly hard on yourself and making crazy to-do lists that are just completely unrealistic is just detrimental.

I'd planned to write this post a while ago, but this is just a quick little personal post to remind you guys not to be so hard on yourselves. Breaks are as important to getting work done as the actual action of completing it. And not feeling guilty for taking those breaks is just as important. I've been more reasonable with myself recently and I just feel so much better. I hope that if you've been suffering these past few months that this post has helped you somehow. Just remember that at the end of the day, you're only human, not some crazy super human who can get twenty million things done in a 24-hour day.

Are you too hard on yourself? What do you like to do to wind down and relax? What do you think it's important to make time for in your day? Leave me a comment below sharing your thoughts!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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