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Sunday Funday: July 19/15

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Hi there! This week felt like my very first week of summer. It's technically like the third week of summer vacation or something crazy like that, but I just took some time to "indulge" (aka treat my body properly) and actually slept. Loads. It's probably not that much for people who might get a normal amount of sleep per night, but I was sleeping 9-10 hours per night this week and it felt amazing. I could definitely see an increase in the amount of energy I had (no more afternoon slumps!) and my skin is slowly but surely starting to clear up, which is nice.

As you could tell by the updates on this blog and the videos I've been posting, I got my act together and am being a good blogger (in terms of consistency) again. I don't think I've posted properly for a full week in a really long time, which is disappointing and shameful, but I'm super happy that I'm getting back into the swing of things even if it did take months and months.

new tv obsession

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I took a break from TV for a while because I realised that I had an obsession that just needed to cool down. A lot. I was originally watching White Collar (and bawled my eyes out while watching the series finale), then I switched over to Suits (and got bored of it after season 2, but powered through season 4 nonetheless). I was obsessed with Castle for about two years, but I got tired of that as well.

Basically, I just haven't been watching TV for about 2-3 months.

Anyway, the other day, my dad had turned off the Wi-Fi for my brother just to pull him out of his room and to get him to actually do stuff. I came downstairs to find that my brother was on the couch, watching this CW show called Arrow. My friend M and I had actually been making fun of the show a few weeks back about how it was dumb that this superhero - whose weapon of choice are a bow and arrow - is supposed to be able to beat up all these bad guys with guns.

I'd thought that it was a stupid show, but then I started watching it and it's actually pretty good. Just like any other CW show, there is a considerable amount of cringe-worthy cliché scenes, but the plot is decent. It's basically about this guy named Oliver Queen who is the son of billionaire Robert Queen. Oliver and his dad decide to go away for a few weeks on their big boat (because they're stinking rich) and go to China, but since Oliver wants some company, he decides to bring along a girl named Sarah who happens to be the sister of his girlfriend (whom he's dating so back when he was a spoiled 20-year old brat, he was a dirty little cheat).

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Anyway, it turns out that Robert was mixed in with some bad people and they'd planted a bomb on the boat The Queens ended up shipwrecked and Sarah drowned. The Queens made it onto a lifeboat and drifted for days, but when it came to a point where there wasn't enough food for the two of them, the dad shot himself so that the son could survive. Right before he shot himself, he told Oliver about his notebook back in his office that has a list of all the names of the people who are corrupt in the city and told him to "right [his] wrongs" when he gets back home."

Flashforward five years later and Oliver returns back to Starling City (cringe-y, I know) after having spent so long on a "hellish island" and acquires an alter ego nicknamed "The Hood," a masked (and hooded) vigilante who eliminates the folks on his dad's list of evil guys.

I'm about halfway through Season 2 at this point and I'm happy to say that the plot hasn't bored me yet. I'm sure it'll happen eventually because that's the case for most TV shows, so let's see how long this one will last.

getting back on the healthy train

My birthday is coming up a little too soon and I've been wanting to get to a point where I'm just really happy with my body. This might be a bit controversial to say, but I know I'm not exactly overweight, but I'm not quite happy with my body either. I just want to focus on working out again now that my schedule has cleared up a bit and eating better.

I've found in the past that it's just a bit easier to start with the eating better part so you can feel better, and then trying to get your butt to the gym. I'm slowly starting to get into the habit of eating cleaner now that I'm away from all the temptations of New York, Niagara Falls, and Toronto, which is nice. It's funny though because it's almost been two weeks, but the other day when I'd stayed up a bit, I was seriously craving some hand-pulled Chinese noodles from this awesome restaurant called Xi'an Famous Foods in New York. I guess I'm eating healthy, but still occasionally dream about the unhealthier things in life.


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Image Credit: Luis Llerena via Unsplash
I'm someone who really likes the idea of a routine, but I haven't really fallen into one that I really like yet. I hope that once I start properly working out again that it will happen, but this past week, I've kind of just been blogging, writing, and planning a lot. It's just been so nice to sit at my now-clean desk and plan out blog posts and videos for the rest of the summer by writing it all down in a new Kate Spade notebook that I got as a gift.

I've also been sketching quite a bit because I've been trying to come up with a design that I like for the outfit I'm wearing to a friend's birthday party. It's actually Adaora's party and I absolutely can't wait. Anyway, I finally finalised the sketch today and I can't wait to start bringing it to life. I guess my days this past week have just been a constant cycle of eating, planning, blogging, editing, filming, and more eating. I should probably make it a goal to step outside a bit more next week.

What TV are you currently watching? How do you stay committed to being healthy, especially working out? What's a typical summer day like for you? Leave your comments and share your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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