Monday, March 18, 2013

Fashion Week: Fall 2013 RTW - Part One

As you could probably already tell, I'm a huge fashion geek and I'm very, very proud of it.  Since I only started this blog a few days ago, Fashion Week already wrapped up, but that's not going to stop me from writing about it. 

I wish I could study every single photo from every single show at all four Fashion Weeks, but if you have ever browsed through the photos of the shows on, it would be extremely time-consuming.  Plus, there's this thing called homework that I have to complete so looking at all those photos would nearly ensure that I would fail my classes quite miserably.  That's certainly not on my list of New Year's Resolutions.
I usually click on my favourite designers first, the names that stand out most to me out of the whole sea of names.  Then, I go through and randomly click on other designer names that I'm not familiar with, admiring their work.  So with this two-part blog post, I will be reviewing (basically gushing, but you know, "reviewing" makes me sound more official and smart) this season's collections from a few of my favourite designers.  It'll be more like a few pieces from each and saying what I adore (obviously).  In the second part, I'll "review" the other half of my favourites.  Otherwise, it would just be the longest blog post EVER.  I doubt anyone would be patient enough to read so...
Alexander Wang
Something that's pretty obvious is that Alexander Wang has an incredible gift and for this season, it's with textures.  Like holy cow the sweaters and everything were so heavenly!  I initially planned to post my favourite photos of each show, but that would just take up too much space, so I'll show you my top TOP favourites (which was so, so hard to narrow down).

First of all, this sweater thing.  I'm not quite sure what to call it, but to me, it's a sweater (correct me if I'm wrong).  I think that it's pretty genius mixing those textures because they fit perfectly together.  I would definitely wear that, but I wonder how it would look with the cap/hood thing down...

For this jacket, it's just the texture and colour is absolutely perfect, perfect for fall, I think.  And the pants!  They're like a big more of a glamorous version of a sweatpant.  I would pair it with mid-calf buckled boots or combat boots and one of those Balenciaga sweatshirts if I wanted to dress it down.  If I wanted to dress it up a bit, which is still a little casual, but still.  If I did want to dress it up a bit, I would pair it with a button-down blouse and a blazer with the sleeves rolled up with a statement necklace, of course.  I'm still not too sure what the colours would be for this outfit though...  Still, ADORE these pieces.

And finally, this sweater.  Like, seriously.  GORGEOUSNESS right there, people!  I just think it's a phenomenal piece.  'Nough said.


Chanel has always been my favourite brand.  Karl Lagerfeld seemed to play with different styles throughout the many, many years, but that thing that made something so distinctly Chanel has remained the same.  Which makes him a genius, of course.


The coats of this collection are seriously just perfection.  I would wear them all, especially the shorter grey one.  The mixing of textures seem to be a trend this fall and I can't wait to try it out for myself in the near future.  Where I live, the snow hasn't melted yet, so that might be a little while, but still.  I'm pretty stoked. 
For this one, I think it's just a perfect party dress, maybe with a longer necklace or one layered underneath what seems to be a patent leather Peter Pan collar.  The details are simply stunning.
This sweater is just freaking amazing.  GORGEOUS!  And I'm completely in love with the boots that the models have been sporting throughout the show.  I really wish I had a pair, but it probably costs a fortune, a fortune that I unfortunately don't have... 
And to finish it off, this outfit is simply phenomenal.
Kate Spade New York

I've always really loved Kate Spade, the preppy but really fun label.  It isn't as high fashion, per se, as the other two designers I've mentioned, but I love their clothes nonetheless.  Here were some of my favourites this season.

That bag is literally just the perfect everyday bag.  It would go well with almost everything and the bow just tops it all off and makes it different and unique, two qualities that I look for in most of my clothes.  It reminds me of those gorgeous Céline bags that are over-the-roof expensive, but that doesn't stop any of us from lusting for them.

These sweaters are so adorable and the collar peeking through just makes it so much better.  And the bag is pretty fantastic as well.
Last, but not least, this.  !!!  The clutch is the cutest thing EVER and the polka dot pantyhose is perfect when you want to add a little something special to your outfit.  Go polka dot instead of plain people!
So that's it for today!  I hope you enjoyed looking through my favourite looks from this season thus far and tune in tomorrow for the rest! 
Thanks for reading!
- J
All photos are from  I DO NOT own any of these photos.

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