Monday, March 18, 2013

Fashion Week: Fall 2013 RTW - Part Two

So this is Part Two of my Fall 2013 Fashion Week post.  Be sure to read the other part as well if you want to know all of my favourites (which you probably don't but please read it anyway?  Maybe?).  Anyway... ENJOY!

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I think that this sweater is a nice, fresh twist on your typical colourblock sweater.  The bright red is really unexpected to add to the colour palette which I really love because typically, I would think that the third colour would be a rusty mustard colour, or a really dark plum or burgundy (or maroon or oxblood, whichever you like to call it but honestly, it's all the same to me).  I would pair the sweater with mustard jeans or corduroys, maybe ripped denim or a leather skirt.

For this hoodie, I just think that it would look really attractive on my non-existant-at-the-moment boyfriend.  Sigh.

Marc Jacobs

I have no clue where I would wear this kind of thing, probably a night out on the town but I think that the coat is just fantastic.  This season's collection didn't impress me as much as last season's, but it was still pretty fantastic.  And the shoes are vintage and adorable. 

This dress just reminds me of liquid silver (or whatever precious metal this colour is - sorry if that didn't make sense) and I think it's just so glamorous.  The colour really reminds me of the 20's, one of my favourite fashion eras.

Red Valentino
This whole collection - which was way too small for my liking, but it is Red Valentino after all - was absolutely amazing.  At least in my opinion.  I think everything about this collection was really whimsical and cute and even the background is to die for (not literally, of course).  Here are my favourites, even though I would probably have the entire collection down here if I wasn't being sensible...

The shoes and socks that the model wears in all of the photos are just so, so, so cute.  I want it all!!!

This look I really like because it kind of reminds me very briefly of Chanel, but a younger, more youthful version of it, which I really like. 

The fur detailling at the collar is really what makes this coat so different.  If I saw a girl walking down the street wearing this, it would definitely catch my eye and I would probably stare at her like a complete creeper.  But clothing like this deserves to be appreciated. 
I think that this dress is such an interesting and different piece.  It's like a combination of a trench coat and a dress - two things that I adore - and put together, it creates this amazingness!

This print is really so cool.  So, so cool. 

Anna Sui

This was the one piece that really stood out to me from the collection that I really, really liked.  Like with the Alexander Wang sweaters, I'm really curious to see how the dress would look without the hood/cap thing.  The outfit doesn't scream fall to me at the moment, more spring, so I would pair it with a velvet burgundy bow in my loosely curled hair, lots of chunky and studded bracelets and cuffs, some rings and some velvet knee-high boots and a classic, leather brown satchel.  I wish that as I list these items, they would just magically apear in my closet... Of course that can't happen, but whatever.  A girl can dream.  So I will.
That concludes my Fall 2013 Fashion Week post!  I hope you enjoyed it, and if you didn't, leave me a comment about what you'd like to see (though I know you probably wouldn't bother...). 
Thanks for reading!
- J
All of these photos are from  I DO NOT own any of them.

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