Thursday, March 21, 2013

Current Love: Hair Bows!

hair bows
A trend that I've been really loving recently are hair bows.  As a kid, I'm sure my mom would've loved to put one in my hair everyday for school, perfecting my image of a little schoolgirl, but I guess it never ended up happening, at least not often enough for my teenage self to be satisfied when looking back on it.

So as a teenager, I've caught on to the hair bow trend, but I really hope it stays, at least for a while.  Even though I can't look back on my childhood and see these gorgeous hair bows everywhere, they're nostalgic nonetheless.  I guess that's why I love them so much, like, besides the fact that they're fricking adorable, of course.
It seems like the most popular place to buy these bows seems to be American Apparel, selling them for about $12-$16 a piece, which I personally think is a bit much for something that can be easily DIY-ed.  Just get a scrap piece of fabric, a glue gun, some scissors, and some patience and you're good.  This has so far been the best tutorial I've seen for these bows: and I can't wait to make more.
I think that these hair bows are just the quirkiest, cutest, and quickest thing to just quickly add to your everyday outfit, whether you're roaming the school halls or going to the mall with your friends.
Maybe you are as obsessed with these hair bows as I am.  Maybe not.  Either way, I love them so you should too (if you want).
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