Friday, February 21, 2014

Style Diary: Good Luck Canada!

Hi there! It's kind of crazy to think the end of February is just one week away, but you're probably tired of hearing about others' disbelief at the end of every month, so I won't elaborate. But I can't resist, two months of 12 are almost done!

One thing I do have to mention, however, is that it's finally getting warmer here! There are two ways to look at this: a) there's slush outside and it's wet and icky or b) spring is almost here! I chose to think positive so I just can't wait to start wearing spring clothes again!

Cardigan: LOFT | T-Shirt: Old Navy | Graphic tee: Dynamite | Pants: American Eagle | Watch: Kenneth Cole

I got this top back in October and I immediately fell in love with it when I saw it. My parents aren't in love with skulls or studs or anything... edgy like that, but I'm glad my mom let me get it anyway. To cover up and add a bit of texture, I layered a white t-shirt underneath and a cardigan overtop to keep warm. As always, to make sure that I stay on time (or because I just love how expensive it feels to wear it), I added my (mom's) fancy schmancy oversized watch.

I hope that you're all watching the Olympics because I sure am. It's so much fun to just get in the spirit of things and forget about our troubles (for the most part) and get together to cheer on our country. I got to see the majority of the women's gold medal hockey game (not on demand, unfortunately) and it was so freaking intense. Like, scoring within the last three minutes. Twice. That's just kind of crazy and unbelievable.

I can't wait to watch the men's gold medal and am so freaking excited to wake up bright and early along with the rest of Canada) to watch the game. And I usually don't even like hockey, haha.

So... good luck, Canada! (scroll down for the awkward/cheesy/weird good luck photo courtesy of yours truly)

Is it getting slushy and icky where you are? Excited for spring? Have you been watching the Olympics? What's your favourite sport to watch? Leave your comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!

- J

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