Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bedroom Makeover: Attack the Closet

Hi there! I have for you today the first super official post in the bedroom makeover series where I'm actually making something over, in this case, my closet. I'm so lucky to have a walk-in closet and I really stuff it to the brim. Below are a few photos of it before I cleaned it and reorganised it.

You can probably tell that it's very, very full. I hadn't separated my fall/winter and spring/summer clothes, so it was pretty much all the clothes that I owned that I would wear out (except for pants and other jackets) stuffed into one tiny closet.

I also had a bunch of stuff from my childhood and blankets and bags just thrown up on the top shelves and it was not organised in the least.

My clothes were also really crowded and as you can see, I couldn't even find some room to stuff them all in properly. Or maybe I was just too lazy. Oops.

There's also a stack of clothes underneath on the floor that just didn't have a home. Clearly, my canvas and mirror didn't have one either.

Now, it looks quite a bit better, don't you think?

It's not 100% done yet because there are still a handful of things (like the canvases) that I want to store elsewhere, but it's mostly finished and I'm so happy with how it looks. Everything is still pretty much where it was, just so much more organised.

Keep reading to see how my closet turned out!

On the top, I have a few boxes of old stuff, the blanket that was originally stuffed in a corner now condensed into a bag, a box of artwork underneath and a box full of other old things that I don't want to throw out.

I decided to paint Coco Chanel onto one of the boxes because it looked a bit plain just black. I still can't decide if I'm pleased with how it turned out, but I guess it'll just have to do for now.

Now, the clothes are all nicely stacked and somewhat organised, The stuff that's on the floor of my closet is pretty much the things that I'm most unhappy about about the closet, but it's better than before. I have some stuffed animals on the left, a stack of jeans, some umbrellas, and two reusable bags full of clothes and bits and pieces that I'm planning to DIY. As you can see, there's a lot of stuff.

Over here, I have all my spring/summer clothes in the two bins on the far left, artwork from previous years, a backpack full of old schoolwork that just makes me laugh whenever I look at it, a box full of bathing suits and bikinis, and the tote bag and box on the right are full of reusable and plastic bags.

I separated my clothes into fall/winter and spring/summer clothes, so now, I have up all my winter stuff, obviously, and it looks so organised! It's roughly organised by colour and kind of by style. I have outfits that I'm planning to wear on the far left, scarves, dresses, and then the tops all in a rainbow. Kind of.

I showed my mom one day a photo of what my closet would look like if I got Huggable Hangers or other copycat versions of it. I really, really wanted some because of how amazing this photo made it look (and Elle Fowler, of course), so when my mom saw these in Costco, she picked up a bunch for me for a significantly lower price than the original ones.

So far, I've noticed that they work really well, so if you're thinking of getting some velvet hangers, check out Costco! The only downside is that they're only available in black...

Here, I have some of my most-worn skirts and hoodies, jackets, and sweaters arranged once again kind of in a rainbow.

I still haven't figured out a way to organise my bags properly yet, so please tell me your suggestions! I need help with this, haha.

What did you think of the makeover? Did you notice a big difference? What do you think I could change? I'm open to suggestions, so leave your comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!

- J

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