Saturday, March 1, 2014

Resolutions Diary: February 2014
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Hi there! This month has not been a very good one for me, to say the least. I guess some would say that I’d fallen off the wagon, even though it really wasn’t that bad. So you could say that my resolutions didn’t hold up very well. You know, just maybe. Here’s a rundown of what happened.

The month started out great, you know. I was super excited about getting into these newly worded resolutions and leading a better life and honestly, I thought I could handle it. But then the new semester came around and I just had a lot of work to do, essentially. It wasn’t hard, but there was just a lot of it and it took time. Anyway, the point of this little ramble is to say that it started out great, and started going south.

1. Blog everyday. Haha… well, I got 18/28 for that one, which is actually horrible, but I’m just glad I didn’t try to put up filler posts that I wouldn’t have been proud of.
2. Write three comments on blogs everyday. 8/28 – Not good.
3. Use my agenda daily. 25/28 – I’d say that’s a success. It was pretty easy for this one, actually and it helped me stay organised.
4. Drink at least 1.5 L of water per day. I’m really not sure what I got for this one because I didn’t keep very good track of it, but I’d say I did this for about 20/28 days.
5. Keep a food diary. 8/28 – I think that I just got really lazy, but it did help me when I kept track of it for like the first week.
6. Follow the workout schedule. I was really surprised that I had only skipped about nine days of working out for a total of 19/28.
7. Follow the one-minute rule. This one was just impossible to keep track of, so I didn’t even bother after the first week and finding out how ineffective it was.
8. Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. I probably got eight hours… uhm… 10/28 days? That probably explains my unproductivity in everything that didn’t concern school.
9. Practise sewing once a week with Mom. 1/4 because we only plan to do it on Sundays and that happened once…
10. Calm down and just breathe. This one was also impossible to track, so I’m not going to bother next month.

So yeah, that’s pretty much how my month went. I’m planning on keeping these resolutions worded this way for next month because I don’t want to be changing them every month, but one thing I will add is for the blogging one, I want to keep track of how much time I spend blogging just so I gauge it and see how I can be more efficient. Hopefully, next month will be better and I’ll be better, aha.

Thank you so much for reading!

- J

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