Thursday, March 6, 2014

I'm Feeling a Bit Nostalgic

Romantic coffee shop. #coffeeshop #rustic  I would love to open a coffee shop like this!
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Hi there! With Spring Break coming up, I’m definitely going to be relaxing and taking advantage of the week that I have off, which I’m so stoked about. During that week off, I’m planning on spending a bit of time in a coffee shop. I don’t know, there’s something about them that are just so alluring and I can’t help but want to visit every once in a while. And there's something so nostalgic about that to me.

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I think the reason why I can’t help but be drawn to them is because of 7th grade when my friends and I spent our lunch time at a cute little place a short walking distance from school. It sat about twelve people, I’d say and I remember each time we walked in after being outside in the cold, my glasses fogged up to the point where I couldn’t see, but being able to smell the fragrant pastries was more than enough.

Cranberry Lemon Scones | A Better Happier St. Sebastian
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Cranberry scones were a favourite of mine and the hot chocolate was, too. I remember buying them and we would break off pieces to share, but they always picked out the cranberries because no one but me cared for them.

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It’s really funny to think about it now because I certainly didn’t realise it then, but I spent a hell of a lot of money there during my two years at that school. Well, there and the coffee shop next door after the cute little one closed down.

Flip And Style: Just A Free Spirit
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I have so many lovely memories of that place and they’re what triggered my itch to wrap my hands around a cup of something warm with a book or my laptop under the dim lights. It’s such a cosy idea to me. How about you?

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Oh, and guess what today is? Post #300. I still can't believe it. Thank you for everything you wonderful people who read this. Thank you.

And thank you so much for reading!
- J

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