Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3 Ways to Wear: Everything and Anything Pink

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Hi there! Remember how I told you about my love for the colour pink all those weeks ago? Well, here's the styling post that goes with it. I'm still obsessed with the colour (no surprise there) and it's certainly making me feel as if spring's nearly here (even though it was -25 degrees Celsius yesterday). Here are three outfits inspired by the joyous colour!

For this outfit, I mixed a really girly pink with some edgier accessories such as the rusty-looking-but-in-a-cool way drop earrings and some matching chunky Mary Jane platforms. To me, this would be a really cute outfit for school (of course, you could tone down the shoes with something a bit more school-appropriate) on those days when you just want to feel fun and a bit flirty.

1. Topshop Cities Tri Marl Sweatshirt
2. Etsy Daisy Choker
3. ASOS Chunky Earrings
4. River Island Pastel Pink Jeans
5. Urban Outfitters Platform Mary Janes

This on the other hand would not be a good outfit for school because it involves a crop top and you know how I feel about crop tops with the bared mid-riff at school. Because the floral pink crop top is a bit too sweet for what I was going for, I toughened it up with some wicked combat boots and a midi leather skirt with a feminine silhouette. To cover up a bit, I added a cropped white blazer.

1. New Look Pink Floral Crop Top
2. River Island Cropped White Blazer
3. Me and Zena Pentagon Hoops
4. Louise Midi Leather Skirt
5. Wetseal Marvel Comics Printed Boots
Finally, the faux fur blazer. Nice piece, eh? To add some texture, I went for a simple white lace dress and some chunky Chelsea ankle boots. Because it is still winter, I added some socks (this would be an outfit I'd wear when I was spending the majority of my time indoors, trust me) and for a little something extra, I added some simple pearl studs and a chain bracelet to brighten up the look.

1. River Island Pink Faux Fur Blazer
2. Anne Klein Pearl Studs
3. H&M Lace Dress
4. ASOS Mixed Knit Socks
5. New Look Chunky Chelsea Boots
6. Forever 21 Pretty-Tough Chain Bracelet

Which outfit was your favourite? What would you like to see styled next? Thought on pink? Leave your comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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