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Sunday Funday: March 2/14

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Hi there! I hope that your March is going well so far. I still can’t really believe that we’re heading into the end of the first quarter of the year already, like it hasn’t really soaked in yet. (It’s crazy.) I’m just really excited about March because March has always been pretty good to me. I guess I should probably knock on wood now.

As a student, I always get excited about March because Spring Break still exists for us, or March Break as the Canadians like to call it (but I’ll gladly admit that Spring Break sounds much cooler). I’m just so stoked to get myself really organised and move forward with the all the goals and projects that I want to do just to make my life better and much, much happier. I’ve been getting inspired a lot more lately, which is making me really happy and just overall excited. If you couldn’t already tell, I’m just really excited. But that’s too vague, so I guess I should narrow it down.

Okay, first off, school. Contrary to many teenagers, I actually love school and I’m loving my second semester because all of my four subjects interest me so much. I’m taking business and we obviously have to create a business. We’ve just started this big project and I was really worried about what kind of business I wanted to start. There are so many to pick from and there is so much commitment involved, but once I narrowed it down and decided on one (a clothing store, obviously), I just got really excited. I should really find some synonyms for “excited” because I’m using it way too much. Oops. We’re also making a website and all that jazz, so that’ll be super fun because I love fiddling around with HTML because it just makes me feel smart(er than I am).

Remember last week when I told you that I was reading J. K. Rowling’s The Cuckoo’s Calling? Well, I finished it and it was so good, guys. I loved it. I’ll admit, the beginning was a bit slow because I’m used to fast-paced crime dramas, but it was really cool to see how all the clues that she dropped throughout the novel come into play at the end when we find out who murdered Lula. If you’re a fan of anything crime-related, you should definitely check it out. Plus, it’s based in London’s fashion world, which was so cool. The only thing is you should stay away from the book if you just can’t stand profanity because the main character’s quite fond of the F word. Yeah.

The last thing I want to tell you about before I go is TV. Holy crap I love TV. You might be thinking, “Woah, J. You said you’ve been busy but you’re watching TV? Shame.” And to that I’d say, “Well, I’ve actually been watching it while doing art, so don’t judge.” Right now, I’m watching Castle (this week’s episode looks epic), Pretty Little Liars (can’t wait till the finale), and the Amazing Race (can I just tell you how happy I am that Meghan and Joey are back).

Actually, no, I lied. There’s one last thing. Something really cute happened at my school the other day we had a coffeehouse and the cutest thing happened. This guy was going to perform his talent of a sort (he was going to read a random student’s fortune) and the emcee picked a “random” person from the audience so the guy could read her fortune. She came up on stage and he told her to sit down, so she sat. He laid out five cards on a table and told her to turn them over however she’d like, so she did. He then came out from behind the table after she’d finished and said, “Okay, I wasn’t being completely honest with you. I’m not going to tell you your future.” And then he asked her to prom. In front of everyone. We all just died, it was too cute.

Hopefully you enjoyed that little bit of adorableness and it made you smile and your day a bit brighter. :)

How has school been going for you? Which class is your favourite? What TV show is your favourite? Thoughts on my little story? Leave your comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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