Monday, February 24, 2014

Warby Parker: The Brand That Made Me Fall Back in Love With Glasses

Hi there! I have a special post today for you guys and it's one about a brand I'd found out about recently called Warby Parker and their mission statement was what really caught my eye (see what I did there). For every pair of glasses that you buy from them, they will be giving one pair of glasses to someone in need. I've had bad vision for about as long as I can remember (I started wearing glasses in second grade) and it has gotten progressively worse over the years, so I can't imagine what I'd do without either my glasses or my contacts. That's why it's such a great thing that they're doing, giving those less fortunate the luxury that we take for granted.

I was approached by the brand and they introduced me to what they're all about and kindly asked if I'd be interested in writing about it (this is not sponsored in any way, just so you know). After checking them out, I agreed and picked three frames from their new (really awesome) Spring collection and create outfits around them that will hopefully spark a bit of inspiration for you.

The Burke Eyeglasses in Sugar Maple

For the first pair, I picked a really classic colour that's in a quirky shape. It's kind of like those nerd glasses that had a phase, but much cooler, of course.
To play up the quirky vibe of the glasses, I went for a cozy and almost preppy sweater, so I toughened it up with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and really wicked trainers. To bring a bit of class back, I added some pearl studs to balance it all out. The eyeglasses definitely make the outfit look more smart and put together.

1. Warby Parker Burke Eyeglasses in Sugar Maple
2. John Lewis Grey Pearl Studs
3. Jeffrey Campbell Voltage Trainers (don't worry, they're 50% off!)
4. ModCloth Light Installation Sweater
5. H&M Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

The Quimby Sunglasses in Absinthe

I still cannot get over how beautiful this pair of sunglasses look. They remind me of something Elle Fanning would wear and I am just in love with them. I've been into lots of green lately, so that might be way as well. Either way, the round frames are just absolutely lovely.

To add onto the glamourous feel of the sunglasses, I went for a deep velvet dress, but since it's not exactly warm out, I paired it with a checked peacoat, spotted tights, and a nice furry infinity scarf to keep your neck warm. Of course, you can't forget about your head, so I topped it off with a cool winter-appropriate baseball cap and some clunky heels. This is like the wearable (and modern) version of something from the old Hollywood movies. I love it.

1. Warby Parker Quimby Sunglasses
2. ModCloth Day at the Dog Park Coat
3. Topshop Velvet Bandeau Dress
4. French Connection Sparkle Spot Printed Tights
5. Ecote Extreme Block Heel
6. Staring at Stars Plushy Infinity Scarf
7. Urban Outfitters Plaid Mohair Baseball Cap

The Burke Eyeglasses in Tennessee Whiskey

These frames are the same as the first ones, but the colour is different and makes it look completely different. This pair is a lot more edgy and offbeat than the first pair that was more classic. The clear half is such an unexpected touch that I've never seen and is so innovative. 

To really make the glasses stand out on your face (clear glasses can be a bit tricky), I went for a colourful scarf and a jumper with a matching applique. Because we're going with regal thing, I paired it with a baroque-style pencil skirt and some deep red tights for that extra touch of luxury. Because it is a Style Generis outfit, it can't be too pretty or too anything, so of course I had to add a little something to it, in this case, some really fun buckled boots.

1. Warby Parker Burke Eyeglasses in Tennessee Whiskey
2. ASOS Jumper With Crown Applique
3. Topshop Luxe Fur Snood
4. Forever 21 Baroque Pencil Skirt
5. American Eagle Buckled Moto Boot
6. New Look Dark Red 70 Dernier Tights

If you like what you see, you can check out some more of their frames on the Warby Parker site. They also have a program where you can pick out five frames that you like and they'll ship them to you for free for you to try on and pick your favourite (or favourites). You can then order them, ship the glasses you've tried on all back to them, again for free and they'll ship you your purchase. Pretty cool, right?

Which outfit was your favourite? Which frames are you dying to get your hands on? What do you think of Warby Parker's mission? Leave your comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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