Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to School: 15 School Bags Under $75

Image Credit: Fatimeh Nadimi via PhotoPin CC
Hi there! When you're going back to school, you kind of need to have a bag to lug all your stuff around with you and while you most likely reuse your bags from year to year, maybe this year will be a good time to treat yourself. Of course, some of us don't have a boatload of money to spend on a new bag, so I picked out 15 bags all under $75, so let's get into it!


Black leather goes well with everything and can look a bit edgy as well if you're into that stuff, so I picked out two black leather backpacks that could fit all your school essentials for the day. If you're more of a tote-carrying girl that's a smitch more demure, I also chose a tote option that is a bit more sophiscated.

1. Mi-Pac Primer Croc Backpack - $49.95
2. Deena & Ozzy Montrose Vegan Leather Backpack - $64
3. Topshop Saffiano Tote Bag - $65


If you're a bit more classic, I've also got some options for you! A simple striped backpack pretty much goes well with everything and a corduroy one would definitely make you stand out in a sea of solid-coloured JanSports. Finally, I have for you a really beautiful and adorable and simple structured black backpack with some buckles for a bit of a different spin on your typical school bag.

1. Forever 21 Striped Canvas Backpack - $23.80
2. JanSport High Streaks Corduroy Backpack - $40
3. Cooperative Oliver Structured Backpack - $69


If you're a girlier girl, I picked out a few floral bags both from Herschel because they have good quality bags (the one I'm using this year is from them!) and a mint green tote so you can stuff everything that you need in there.

1. Herschel Supply Packable Daypack Floral Backpack - $29.95
2. Chicwish Mint Twinset Tote Bag
3. Herschel Supply City Countryside Print Backpack - $49.95


Totes are always a popular option for school, so I chose a really funky black leather one from H&M that is pretty affordable, a blue leather one from ModCloth and a white one from New Look with some really cool baroque detailing.

1. H&M Très Cool Shopper Bag - $29.95
2. ModCloth Blue Tote Bag - $34.99
3. New Look Baroque Lasercut Tote Bag - $60.85


Sometimes, you'll need to go somewhere straight after school and you'll need to carry your bag a different way. First off, there's the Fjallraven Kanken that you can easily switch from being a backpack to a handbag and the other two bags have longer and shorter straps to either go for a more practical or sophisticated route.

1. Fjallraven Forest Green Kanken Backpack - $75
2. H&M Weekend Bag - $59.95
3. ModCloth Camel Camp Director Tote - $59.99

Which school bag was your favourite? What style do you tend to go for with your school bags? What other back to school posts do you want me to do this year before we head back? Leave your comments and share your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J