Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Funday: August 10/14

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Hi there! I actually don't really even know what I'm doing right now, or at least what I did last week because time just flew by. I usually have things planned out to a T and this past week, what I felt to be my first week of summer, was just so all over the place. I was tired all the time, napped too often, something that I didn't ever consider doing during the school year, and didn't get much done. I barely worked out and didn't eat that well either, making me feel sluggish and just gross.

Basically, I had a "bad" week. 

Now, I don't want to say that I had a "bad" week because my week could be considered great and amazing compared to someone else who's a lot less fortunate than I am, and I don't want to seem snobbish or whatever. But my point is, I've learned from last week and am trying to make this following week 20 million times better. It'd better be because my birthday's coming up and I sure as hell am not letting myself even begin to think negative thoughts on my birthday.

While I felt as if I'd barely gotten anything done this past week, I actually got a few big things out of the way and checked off my summer to-do list. My first accomplishment was finishing my workspace's makeover which I'm so happy with. It's finally a place where I can feel inspired and I no longer have to dread sitting down at my desk to do work because it's like clean. And organised.


My second accomplishment was making over my blog which, oh my God, took me too long and I'm writing this now as I've just wrapped up with that. Anyway, I'll go into more detail tomorrow (aka less than an hour from now) about what I've changed and all the exciting new things going on with Style Generis.

My third accomplishment this week was being included in IFB's Links à la Mode for the third time after a pretty long while. It happened on Friday (so really, these accomplishments aren't in chronological order whatsoever) and really brought my mood up quite a bit.

Throughout the week, I mostly just spent my days indoors on my laptop talking to my friends, blogging, reading on Wattpad, and going on YouTube, something that I haven't done very much at all since I discovered online stories in March. 

I've recently become abnormally obsessed with YouTuber, singer, and actor Troye Sivan and love, love, love his new single "Happy Little Pill" which you should definitely check out because it is the bomb dot com. I also found myself really wanting some of his merch, like this sweatshirt right here

Don't mistake me for some kind of internet-obsessed vampire because I have been outside quite a bit as well and have been out and about in my neighbourhood trying to get some fresh air after just feeling gross indoors. Do you know that feeling, like when you've just been inhaling the stuffy air for too long and you just need to get the hell out? That's how I felt multiple times during the week and I find that going outdoors, even if it's just for a little bit, helps a lot.

This weekend, my family and I also managed to finish painting the deck. The whole DIY thing runs in the family, so we tend not to call other people to come do renovations and things like that for us. For example, if there's a shower door to be installed, my dad will call our neighbour over and they'll put it together. If there's a faulty electrical cable, my dad will go down to the circuit box in the basement and attempt to fix it despite how dangerous it may be. And if there's a deck that we want, my dad will go out and buy some wood and build it.

Which is literally what he did two years ago. After two years of leaving it the same colour wood in which we bought it, we finally got around to painting the deck and it was a hot a strenuous seven hours, but we finished it and our backyard looks a hundred times better now.

You know, it's funny because as I'm writing this, I've noticed that I actually did quite a bit this week despite my awful mood. Like I actually did a lot considering that I napped way, way too much, which is really surprising to me.

I'm planning to do a lot more this upcoming week with my 15th birthday on the Wednesday, a day that I will hopefully be able to spend with my loved ones, and a bit more time on my hands now that I've kind of gotten my sleeping patterns under control. I'm hoping that next week's Sunday Funday will be a bit more cheerful and positive and just more interesting, so I guess there's that for you guys to look forward to.

How has your summer been so far? Are you a fan of Troye Sivan? What are some big accomplishments of yours this summer? Leave your comments and share your stories below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J


  1. hi :) I know this is not related but can you write a blog about what should we do with THICK HAIR :'( i really confused. I don't know what to do with that :( and I really like Taylor Swift's hair :3

    1. Hmm, I will definitely try to play around with that idea. I, myself, have thick hair and I know that I can really be a hassle to deal with, so I'll try to come up with a post for that asap! :) - J