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The Dilemma of Sporting the Half-Tuck

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Hi there! Ever since I started doing the half-tuck starting sometime around grade 7, so that was in 2011, I’ve always had quite a few constant fears running through my head whenever I decide to go for that look. My mom has always been one to advocate neatness and cleanliness before anything, so I’m sure you can imagine what I’ve always thought she’d say.

Anyway, today, I thought I'd share with you my paranoia whenever I sport this look.

I remember the first time I did it was with this graphic tee that I partially tucked in at the side of a purple skirt, and I was running out of the house to get to school one morning and my mom was like, “Oh, a bit of your shirt’s been tucked into your skirt. You better fix that.”

Yes, Mom, I know that a bit of my shirt’s been tucked in.

That was the point.

But of course, when my mother says something like that, I don’t really have a choice now do I? So I sighed, untucked my shirt, and went on with my day, but that certainly didn’t stop me from trying again later.

At the time, the half-tuck wasn’t really that well known and was just starting to make its way onto the fashion scene, and like anything else making its debut in this world, being a daredevil and wearing it can earn you some pretty demeaning stares when you’re out and about or even just at school.

When I finally got away with it and made my way out of my house and got to school, the fear was back. There was this one guy that I usually go to school with (I got driven to school with a bunch of other classmates) that I was pretty sure would take one look at me and then do a double-take, no doubt wondering why in the world I was being so unkempt with a bit of my shirt stuck in whatever bottom it was that I was wearing.

That’s the main problem with this trend or whatever you’d like to call it – it’s an effortless look that can come off as sloppy and careless instead of that easy, breezy “it looks like it took me five minutes to get ready but I still look perfect”-type look that you’re actually going for. If you’re around open-minded people who aren’t cynical, I’m sure it’d be fine and you probably wouldn’t be fussing with your shirt all day as if you’ve got this weird itch, but if you aren’t and you’re surrounded by people who are surely thinking, “Did that girl go to the bathroom without checking to make sure that she isn’t all clean and put together afterwards?”
We all have those people in our lives, and if you happen to be a fashion girl, that side of them is probably a bit more prominent than when they’re with other people.

So I don’t know about you, but while I do this half-tuck almost once every single week and have been for a while now, I’ve only recently (a few months now) gotten over that little fear, and it still creeps back every once in a while. It’s the same with all those other trends like only wearing one earring, or buttoning your shirt improperly like Emma Watson did a few years ago amongst many other things that look really super cool.

Of course, I didn’t let that little fear stop me from tucking in my shirt just a bit at the front or on the side to complete my outfit for the day, and you certainly shouldn’t either.

But please tell me that there’s at least one person out there who has the same paranoia as me every time they do the half-tuck because then we can bond over that little fact. I still get the urge sometimes to put a sign above my head saying, "This was intentional. I did not leave the shirt in accidentally after going pee. I'm glad we got that misunderstanding ironed out and have a good day."

Do you have the same dilemma... dilemmas as me? Do you often do the half-tuck? If so, when'd you start? Leave your comments and share your stories below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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