Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Funday: August 31/14

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Hi there! It's pretty crazy to me how today is the last day of August. Where the hell has this year gone? It's just really insane to me and I'm sure a ton of you can relate to that. There's still a lot left to do in the next four months and I'm really hoping to be able to accomplish all of those things.

This past week was my last week of summer and it's definitely a bittersweet moment. On one hand, I'm really excited and a slightly nervous about going back to school, but on the other, I really wish I could have just one more week of summer vacation. But in all honesty, I'm sure that even with that extra week, I wouldn't have been satisfied anyway and you really just want what you don't have and when you do have it, you don't quite appreciate it that much.

Monday was spent finishing supply shopping with a friend and we just hung out and talked, which was super nice. I didn't get a ridiculous amount of school supplies because for the most part, I could just reuse most of the ones I used last year, but I'm really happy with the ones I did get. I find that just for the sake of motivation, it's good to get a few new school supplies a year just so you can feel excited for school again.

On Tuesday, my brother and I went out for lunch with my mom at a Sri Lankan buffet which was a totally different experience because I don't think I've ever visited either of my parents and had lunch with them before. After that, we were off to the pool, but I underestimated how bad my eyesight was and I'm sure I wasn't very fun to be around because I basically couldn't really see and was just complaining about that the whole time.

Wednesday was a day just spent working at home on the blog and various other things. On Thursday, I headed back to school to pick my locker and hang out with my brother some more. If there's one thing that's made me particularly happy whenever I think about this summer is how much time I got to spend with my brother just going for lunch and being with each other for some quality bonding time, and the same goes for my friends.

Since I don't get to see them very often at all during the school year, we're talking about once every one to two months, it was really great to see them at least once a week this summer.

Friday was a pretty crazy, but absolutely amazing day for me. It was definitely in one of my top five days of this summer, for sure. I spent the morning at the gym doing my two favourite classes with a friend and then after some Starbucks, headed downtown to do some shopping with another friend.

We had the most amazing grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch at a new place in the mall and after lunch, we went to Urban Outfitters where we both got shorts. I'm kind of really in love with mine and I'm glad that she pushed me into getting it because I'm sure I would've regretted not getting them. I've already thought of a bunch of different ways to wear those bad boys and you'll be seeing them in an outfit post in the very near future!

Yesterday, another friend and I went to see "If I Stay" which is based off a book (you can read the blurb here). I didn't have very high expectations for the movie, considering how I've already read a few reviews that said that the movie made them want to leave the theatre in the middle of it. It wasn't as bad as they said it was, but it wasn't that great either. It was just... good.

If you're curious to see the movie adaptation, I mean, go ahead and see it as that was pretty much why I went to see it, but again, it wasn't that great. However, the parents were a charming addition to the movie and made the whole experience and hell of a lot more enjoyable. They were just really funny and made you wish you knew people like that in real life.

This summer has been an absolutely incredible one and you will be getting a full recap of it as well as plenty of photos of how I've spent the past two months tomorrow. I'm still getting the photos together, but I'm really excited to share all of this with you. :)

How do you feel about how you spent your summer? Are you a fan of grilled cheese sandwiches? Have you seen or read "If I Stay"? Leave your comments and share your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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