Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday's Lovely Links: August 7th

Hi there! "Thursday's Lovely Links" is a new column I'm starting that is essentially a bi-weekly roundup. Every two weeks on a Thursday, this type of post will come around where I'll be sharing my favourite posts from the past two weeks and you can tell me a few of yours in the comments. This way, we can help each other discover new blogs and it'll just be really fun. At least I think so.

This week, I picked a nice collection of posts that lead into back to school, but also help you make the most out of the last few weeks of summer. Speaking of which, how is it already the last month of such a lovely time of the year? 2014 has just gone by so quickly.

A Dash of Fash: 5 Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket

Since back to school is just around the corner and the air will get crisper - hopefully not too soon - denim jackets are a must and become such a great staple in your closet. Iris from A Dash of Fash gives five great ways to style this versatile piece.

A Glamorous Revelation: Fashion Illustrations & Print Shops for your College Dorm or Apartment

While not all of us have a twenty to spend on a pretty fashion print, this post linking to some beautiful print shops made by talented artists is great for some DIY inspiration if you're a crafty person.

Adventures in Fashion: DIY Pierre Hardy Inspired Eye Heels

For as long as I can remember, I've had an odd fascination and thankfully, in late, so has the fashion world! This blog post shows you how to add a quirky eye to an ordinary pair of black heels to make them a little less ordinary.

CloudyApples: Making a Good Impression

This is a video, not a blog post, but I thought it'd be good to include anyway. Making a good first impression or simply a good impression is something we all strive for and back to school is a time where those are crucial. I mean, who doesn't want their teacher to view them as a smart and dedicated individual or one who possesses equally admirable qualities? Of course, this can also be applied outside of school, so it's really a useful video.

Fat Mum Slim: How to Ditch that Pesky Blogger's Block

As bloggers, writers, artists, etc. we all hit a wall at some point in time. This post gives you tons of ideas on how to get out of that situation and I especially liked the idea of writing a sequel of an old post that you've written in the past.

Hello Neverland: The Creative Benefits of Sleep Deprivation

I haven't gotten adequate amounts of sleep in a really long time, which is really awful, really, but there is always a positive side to everything! Obviously, I'm not trying to encourage not sleeping enough, but there are some great things that can come out of those hours you're not spending sleeping (like you're supposed to).

The Chic Teen: Italy: The Pre-Packing "Extra Super Organization" Edition

Some of us are still trying to make something of the last bit of our summer and this blogger shows us how she likes to plan her outfits on vacation and it's honestly such a great idea. It might a bit over-the-top for some people, but for an artsy person who's an organisation enthusiast, the idea is kind of revolutionary.

Which post is your favourite? What do you think of this new column? What posts and blogs have you been loving lately? Leave your comments and share your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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