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Back to School: 10 Agendas Under $30 + Ninj & Ninj 10% Coupon Code!

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Hi there! Since school is just around the corner, back to school being an event that occurs sooner or later depending on where you are, I figured that I should probably touch on organisation, and since I've already done that post last year, I decided that I'd talk about agendas. Yes, agendas. They're my favourite tool to use to stay organised and I've definitely noticed a big difference in my productivity and overall happiness when I do use my agenda. When I don't and only write down long to-do lists of what I need to do in a day, it's just not as effective as having a tool with dates, calendars, etc. to aid you in your day.

For me, while I'm generally always really excited about school one of the key things to get you motivated to stay organised and motivated about school is pretty supplies and pretty agendas are really helpful in that department. Agendas are so important to use, especially if you're in school, so I rounded up ten of the prettiest agendas I could find, all under $30. Let's hop into things!

Staples® 2014/2015 Weekly/Monthly Medium Academic Planner, 5in. x 8in., Purple Floral Cover
If you don't really want to splurge on an agenda, this is the one for you! It's sweet and simple and laid out for a student's lifestyle. You've got a monthly calendar which is something that I think is really important when it comes to an agenda as it acts as a visual of your schedule.

{Image Credits to Staples}

While this agenda is absolutely adorable, this is for the person who doesn't write extensive to-do lists and values aesthetics over practicality (aka not me). I found this agenda a bit hard to use last year because it's such a compact size and mainly because I like to write too much, but if you're someone who doesn't write down every single task they have to do, this is a cute little way to stay organised.

{Image Credits to Chapters}

I've also used this agenda in the past and have talked to other people who've used it and while I didn't enjoy doing so as much as them, it's still a really good agenda. The only downfall that made me dislike it a bit is that it has no monthly calendar, but if that isn't a huge bother for you, go for it! Other than that, it's really well laid out and perfect for a student with little witty phrases here and there to get you through the week.

{Image Credits to Chapters}

For all of you TFiOS fans out there, this one's for you! This agenda is great if you love making to-do lists as the bullets are already there for you and it's a really clean and organised layout. The spiral binding can also prove to be useful when you don't have a lot of space and just want to focus on a certain page of your agenda, plus there are tabs to help you find pages more easily.

{Image Credits to Nude and Loitering Tees}

I personally think that this is just an absolutely beautiful agenda. It's so colourful and bright and definitely gets me really excited to use it. The colours are all very inviting, and while colour plays a big part in this agenda, it doesn't distract which I think is key in an agenda. It should be designed to uplift your mood to make you want to get things done as opposed to either make you feel depressed because the pages look so dull or get too fascinated by the pictures that you forget what you actually have to do.

{Image Credits to Lilly Pulitzer}

2014 Susan Wallace Barnes Daily Planner
This agenda's a bit less colourful than the previous one and is geared towards someone who's a bit more subtle and serene in their colour preferences. It's a fun little agenda that's really clean with cute little illustrations all over with a spiral binding and a monthly calendar for you to fully take advantage of. Again, this one also has tabs so you can very easily flip to the section you need to.

{Image Credits to Lifeguard Press}

If you like having lots of space to write and don't like to be confined, this is the agenda for you! On one side, you have your weekly space and on the other side, you have a lined sheet where you can write a big extensive to-do list, notes, or whatever it is that your heart desires. It's also got a really nice whimsical cover with a matching bookmark ribbon and elastic closure so your agenda doesn't randomly flop open and allows you to stick some papers inside without worrying too much about them falling out.

{Image Credits to Moleskine}

This agenda shares a similar vision as the Lilly Pulitzer one in the way it's set up, except it's a bit less whimsical and more graphic, and if that's what you're into, this is a great option for you. Again, everything is very neatly set up so you don't get distracted or overwhelmed by the lack of order in your agenda and there's plenty of space to write so you don't have to write super duper tiny or paste a ton of unnecessary sticky notes just to write down all your tasks.

{Image Credits to Johnathan Adler}

2014-2015 12-month Academic Planner – The Best Is Yet To Come (with back pocket)

This Etsy shop's products are absolutely beautiful and whimsical and look really well made. The agenda that I picked out has "The best is yet to come" which is something that I think is really important to remember throughout the year, especially if you're not having a very good day.

This agenda is just a great combination of all the little bits that I like in an agenda - the monthly calendar, the abundance of space you have to write, a clean lay out, and a really pretty cover.

If you're interested in purchasing anything from Ninj & Ninj, I have a coupon code for you for a 10% discount. Just enter "STYLE10" and it's good until August 31st! Just as a disclaimer, I'm not getting commission or anything like that from this, just a generous offer from Ninj & Ninj!

{Image Credits to Ninj & Ninj}

10. Kate Spade Medium Bookshelf Agenda {$30.00}

This last agenda is certainly a splurge and the most expensive at $30, but it's got a beautiful cover and I bought the black and white striped version for my friend last year for Christmas and she said that she really enjoyed using it. Overall, it has a very clean and minimalist layout, but is quirky in its own way with the quotes scattered throughout the pages and the bright gold and white polka dot interior lining.

{Image Credits: Chapters}

Bonus! Ninj & Ninj 2015 is My B*tch {$25.00}

2014-2015 12-month Academic Planner – 2015 Is My B* (with back pocket)

At first, I was debating on whether or not to include this particular agenda because I don't know if you'd want your high school teacher to see such a word on your agenda, but I just think that it's one of the prettiest and funniest agendas I've ever seen, so I figured I'd just show it to you guys. It's the same set up as the other one featured above and the phrase on the cover, which is so beautifully written, is great to get you motivated to work hard and study smart this upcoming school year.

{Image Credits to Ninj & Ninj}

Which agenda was your favourite? Do you typically use agendas to stay organised? What are your tips and tricks when it comes to using an agenda? Leave your comments and share your advice below!

Thank you so much for reading!
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  1. It's kind of funny, 'cause I will go for weeks without touching my agenda, and then I'll go back and fill up that exact same space in a matter of days ;) Haha, I guess that means I'm still gonna need one!

    1. I did that a bit too often last year too, aha. But I'm trying to be a lot better with that this year though! - J