Monday, December 15, 2014

What I'm Giving For Christmas 2014

Hi there! I don't quite know where my brain was when I was taking these photos, but it was clearly not with me as I forgot to take a few photos of things I got people before I gave them away. Real smooth, eh?

Since there are so many gift guides out there (and I've made a few myself), I thought I'd try something a bit different and show you exactly what I'm giving my loved ones this Christmas. HOWEVER, if your name is Akila, Danielle, James, Lauren, Marianna, Lucy, Kitty, or Kate (you know who you are), please feel free to ignore this post and NOT read it and spoil my fun and your surprise until the 19th.

Thanks guys. :)

First off, I got my friend Eric this The Hundreds hat which I was pretty darn tempted to just steal from him if I'm being completely honest. Not having a hat in the winter can cause lots of discomfort and/or cold, so getting someone a hat is always going to be useful one way or another.

For my friend Lucy, I got her some touchscreen gloves from Boathouse and added some Lindor truffles because they always add a bit of colour and value to a gift.

For my friends Kitty and Kate, I got them mini Korres body butters that I got in the States on Black Friday along with some chocolates, as well.

For my friends Danielle and Akhila who have been so incredible to me, this year especially, I got them some Kate Spade post-its, a Nest mini rollerball, and some chocolates along with it.

For Avya, my friend Bohmyi and I got her a clock that was made out of a record that they sold at my school. She's into that kind of vintage-y stuff (I mean, I'm pretty sure everyone in my middle school friend group has a soft spot for it) and I figured that this would be a bit more practical as a decor piece.

For Bohmyi, I got her the deluxe version of the Taylor Swift album because we're going to go see her in July together and I figured that she should probably own a copy. I also got her a book full of poetry that is just so beautiful called Chasers of the Light by Tyler Knott Gregson. I'm now tempted to get myself and everyone that I know a copy.

I also got her a little ring from Michael Kors (like this except only one) that I also have as a friendship ring-type thing. That was such a throwback to elementary school when friendship bracelets were a thing, aha.

Bohmyi and I got my friend Eddi a pair of Obey socks which looked super duper comfortable. I felt a bit like a grandma getting someone socks, but they were Obey, so I feel like it's all okay somehow.

I then got Marianna a set of owl tealight holders which look so freaking adorable and I can't quite handle how cute they look. I swear, if Friday doesn't come quickly enough, Marianna might not end up with a gift because I might just steal it from her.

Then, I got my brother and James this awesome book called Things Come Apart that is basically a coffee table book. Inside, there are beautiful photos of machinery or just anything really, but disassembled to show all the little parts needed to build them. It's incredible and kind of mind-blowing to see how much you actually need to build something that you might use everyday but don't really even think about.

I was struggling for the longest time because I had no idea what to get my dad. He's especially picky and it's always such a struggle to shop for him. But the other day, I stumbled upon this breakfast sandwich maker and I managed to grab the last one left in the store which I was really proud of.

I got my friends Deshna and Lauren ultra-soft giraffe onesies from Boathouse because they are the most comfortable things and I've always pictured them to be onesie-loving people. I also got William a onesie, but a much more normal one that looks a little like this.

Kailey and I went to see Lorde together back in September and since it was such an incredible experience for me and her both, I knew when I left the festival that I wanted to give her something for Christmas that had to do with that. So I bought a frame from IKEA, put some patterned paper on as the background, and glued some of my favourite photos on there baked with some cream cardstock to make them stand out.

Lorde said a really cool speech before singing "Ribs" and we just thought it was so amazing, especially at the end when she pointed at us and asked us if we were going to dance with her (we screamed in response), so I typed up a transcript of the whole speech (so much harder than you'd think), cut it up, and added it to the photos.

As for some gifts that aren't already pictured, there's my mom left that I still have to buy for. I'm not quite sure what to get her, but right now, I'm leaning towards a Shiseido lip treatment that I know is her favourite (I swear the price went down or something though), but she can never convince herself to shell out the money for.

I also got a couple onesies for my cousins, but that was from my whole family, so I didn't really think that it'd be appropriate to show because they weren't really just from me.

For cards, I haven't made them yet, but they're going to be similar to these ones, except a hell of a lot smaller.

What are you giving your loved ones this Christmas? What is your favourite gift that you've ever gotten? Are you stoked for Christmas? Leave your comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J


  1. oh my god I love the giraffe costumeeee!!!

  2. We don't really celebrate Christmas in my family, which is quite a pity because it sounds really fun! I love giving and getting gifts any time of the year because it makes both the giver and the receiver happy. I have the same problem as you, though...the gift I was giving out always grew on me and I would either feel really tempted to keep it for myself or go buy another one :P

    1. Ahhh glad to know someone else out there has the same problem as I do ;P x